Make the fresh server a froob server

How about we just make it a froob server with NW being the only available expansion? no sub costs and rk content only

starting to see this is what the people really want

I want classic with Notum Wars. That’s all I want and I am willing to pay subscription for it. I do not wish for it to be free. I do not wish for ANYTHING new added to the mix - be that newer than Notum Wars or something brand spanking new not even in the game yet. We do not need incentives to play (which is what they’re using the serpentine set for)… we just want to PLAY the classic game. At least that’s how I feel.

Old server’s population would suffer even more. That, combined with the fact that new server is planned to be temporary, and current microtransactions being too powerful for a fresh start server… Nope. Less people go there, the better, unless FC addresses the concerns countless people have made.

If microtransactions were toned down on a new server and monthly cost slightly reduced, I would be froob no more.