Make the game more friendly for arachnophobes


Pretty sure the diagnosis would be “normal”. :wink:

Unless you’re Australian of course. No offense, but you guys are nuts to live there. “Oh look, my bed is covered in highly toxic creatures of various description that can kill you with just one bite. Guess I’ll wash the sheets tomorrow. Night everyone.”



I find that offensive. How dare you call me normal! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meh, you have three choices…

Play the game and avoid the locations the spiders are in. Spider spawn locations were posted in this thread. Trade for silk if you really need it with someone on your server.

Face your fears and slaughter the computer animated spiders since they don’t exist and can’t hurt you.


Maybe this just ain’t the game for you. If survival crafting is your style there are plenty of other games in the genre that don’t have spiders in them. In short, play something else.

Those are your options, you do whatever you want out of them.

Because let’s be honest here, they aren’t going to take development time and money to take them out for a few people. And then where does it stop? Plenty of people have the same fear of snakes as you do of spiders, should they be taken out too? Plenty of people are afraid of dogs, should wolves and hyenas be removed? Plenty of people are afraid of lightning and thunder, should that be removed from the Highlands? etc etc etc…


Most of us Australians know to keep the venomous spiders out, but yeah, there’s a metric f**kton of venomous animals in this country, and not all of them are spiders or snakes, hell, we have a venomous snail of all things.

I would also advise any arachnophobes to not Google image search the Mouse Spider, they are not as cute or cuddly as they sound, and the effects of their venom are nasty to say the least.


By the great snakegod, what have this thread become ?


Im going to let you in on a little secret here buddy. Old Croms_Faithful is actually an Aussie. But I dont mind the analogy, you probably summed it up pretty well. I didnt know whether I should laugh or fist pump when I read your statement.

You too @CrystalGoddess!? Hah, thats pretty cool. Hows it going down your way? Yeah for others, I also wouldnt look up pictures of a Funnelweb spider, or what the venom of a White-tailed spider can do to a person.

But it not just the snakes and spiders here. You know the kangaroos that everyone thinks are cool looking (and I guess are to a degree)? Some species such as the Eastern Grey can grow up to 2 metres (6.5 ft) tall, and can disembowl a man with their kicks. Even a goanna (virtually a big monitor), if cornered will often instinctively run up you, and their claws will rip pieces out a person.

Mate I could go on and on and tell you about some tall tales of other dicey species we have here. Its actually good were having a normal discussion outside of you know what; this is good.


@Croms_Faithful It’s relatively tame in terms of the creatures where I live, since it’s a suburban part of South Australia, most of the venomous creatures we get are spiders or the odd Brown Snake. There’s another Australian animal that might look cool, but it’s very dangerous to approach, the Cassowarry, for those who don’t know, think of a flightless bird similar to an Emu, but with mostly blue plumage and hard crest on it’s head, it can disembowel with it’s kicks too.

Then there’s the obvious undisputed most dangerous creature in Australia, the Saltwater Crocodile, not only are they huge (Males sometimes reaching 1 ton in weight and getting to 6 metres (20 ft) in length) and very territorial, they have the greatest bite force on the planet.


That sounds pretty nice @CrystalGoddess. Your state is definately the hottest, and dryest weather wise. Some beautiful parts of the country there though. Im in a rural area nowadays, but some of the places I have lived were very remote. Yeah the humble Brown snake is right up there, very aggressive. They can strike pretty high, highly venemous, and they will chase you too as you would know yourself.

The Cassowary was actually another one I was going to mention; well pointed out. Same with the Crocodiles. Yes even in the water nature is still trying to kill us all here. Like the Box Jellyfish. The sting of some species, in addition to being described as ‘extremely painful’ can cause a humans entire cardiovascular system to shutdown within 2 minutes!

As you yourself would know, nature is wild here. Even just walking through bushland at night, I have heard some very strange things which to this day I still cannot identify. And I have been around bush most of my life. Tell an Aboriginal fella about something like this, and I wager he would become deadly serious and tell you its the spirits that dwell within the bush. But there is still a kind of wild and untammed beauty to the place, like it has been somehow lost in time. Well thats just my take on it anyway.

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That may be. Feels odd though coz by quoting, we are able to expand the quotation so the whole paragraph gets revealed (though a long post is still an issue). There must be another convenient way to do this. :thinking:


One of the first things I did after I woke up is put a good word for you forward.


Could a moderator close this issue? It seems a useless issue, I do not want to offend anyone but the game has a theme, a hambientacion and we can not vary the game by the sensibilities of a few. the only thing that could be done is to notify beforehand so that people do not buy it.


So basically to sum up what true Arachnophobia is: Its when your fear of Spiders is so intense that it disrupts your life. I guess my advice is travel with a T4 thrall… That said maybe a more immediate solution would be make a “Spider map” that marks out where the spiders spawn in game so that you and others like you can simply avoid seeing spiders entirely by carefully navigating around them… (Do Scorpions and other big bugs bother you too or just the spiders?)


I am personally terrified of deep water, but I don’t think they’ll turn the water in the Conan Exiles universe to ice cream (or even give it a switch) anytime soon.

Not trying to deter from your phobia, but if it is so bad that you can’t even look at the spiders (and pictures that others posted of not-spiders), perhaps try another spider-less game. If you aren’t using mods, there is no way to keep spiders out of the game. I guess you could hide in the highlands and tundra, really, but that is a small portion of the game.

What you ask of (be it serious or not) is kind of a steep request.

Good luck, ig.


Is it true that you have ravenous dingos there what can poison a man dead within seconds?


You know, the thought came to me, after reading some of these Aussie’s and their posts.

What with Australia having once been a penal colony. And all the deadly animals there.

Australia is the Exiled Lands.

Makes perfect sense now.


Easy solution. Sever setting to remove spiders in place of spiders to make immersion still relatively there just show up as shimmering or black dots. However I believe that playing games with digital vs real spiders helps you over come them. Obviously demonic spider needs a bit of thought but I agree to this but there are spiders everywhere in reality. I live in the woods I had the fear my self now I just get pissed based off how they look and beat them to death or capture them in a pill bottle and let them die that way depends on how pissed I get but there are times I’ll be nice and just remove it with a plastic cup and plate. What really ■■■■■■ me off are beehive holes. Not sure why thought it literally throws me in to a rage. But I can understand this entirely and support the idea.


I have read bits of this topic and kinda find it like you feel entitled to have it your way. There are people with a fear of water and can’t even go in it in games yet you don’t see them demanding the removal of water from the game. It is simple to play on a modded server that has spiders removed then just demanding the removal of something from the game. I myself don’t have a fear of spiders but have a friend who dose. The difference is that she knows its a game and the spider isnt real


I wager that all countries, and especially some tribes, had (have?) similar backgrounds in some point in time. Level of lethality just varies from place to place.

Exiling has been a quite common practise here and there. For example, if I remember correctly, this practise was associated in ancient Greece amongst others. If you failed to please your citisens as their representative, they could exile you until you made amends.


That’s good for her. Not everyone are at the same point of reversion though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, the OP didn’t want them to be removed. Merely offered an idea to have a way to replace them. I think such option would be welcome as a part of the server settings. :smile:

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I guess a DLC that replaces all the current creature skins with childish versions might be feasible for those who find the current appearances of these creatures too frightening. Call it the “happy” dlc maybe, with nothing but straight up, cartoonish-looking animals, all with smiles on their faces. (I actually might buy this myself just for laughs)


Imagine how goofy the undead would look with this idea of yours, or even a few bosses, like the Abyssal Remnant :rofl: