Make the map alive


I suggest to add actual dragons, or Simply some dragonlike fling creaturs, make the map twice as large for defining biome like savanna in the middle or the plains on the est part or the Sea, making a fast travel that requires a trhall with a cart and a horse and requires you to travel the First Time so set the line that the thrall should make for making the travel automatic, change the grid of the Building because the triangle and Square piace dont collide properly with each others, add more cities of varius architecturs based on the Place in the map and the people that live in it anche since there Is a lot of weapons that deal the sale or similar damege make them spreaded acros the map in way that everywhere you are there Is All the tier but with different skin tools. And make the varius cultures do conflict to each others some times that the player Is not involved to, maybe some cultures ally and other not based on what culture the player is, a sort of diplomacy

Most of these suggestions are reminding me of another game, what can that be…

While adding familiar things is welcome, special care needs to be placed on being lore specific.

Take dragons for example, there are many images of dragons throughout history, and based on culture appear different. This does not make any culture wrong in the depiction of dragons. However adding another creature known as a dragon but looks and acts contrary to what the lore specifies breaks the intended immersion.

As far as building system, more specific building pieces should be added, like spiral stairs and half walls that act like wall instead of fences.

As for the cultural conflicts, that would be interesting to see. But remember, any NPCs involved in a conflict zone would make it exponentially more difficult to knock out to enthrall.


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