Make the same numbers for Flotsam and Sandstone

Our server is flooded with sandstone buildings cause it is harder to build with flotsam, wood collected goes immediately to making planks.

Maybe split the difference and make it take equal amounts stone and wood?

Heavily depends where you base yourself though.


It’s really not. There are trees in site of the beach and you can build a starter building just salvaging boards…

Everyone on our server used flotsam just because it was the new material to test it; and really didn’t have a problem since it uses the inverse proportions to sandstone.

If you are camping on the beach it’s equivalent to staying in the noob desert on Exiles. Soon as you go inland you hardly lack for resources.


I like the system the way it is. Gives an alternative to building


Leave flotsam alone, its the best building set so far


It goes without saying, a structure made of wood should, you know, use wood as its backing material. I for one greatly prefer wood over stone based structures, and that goes for both Exiled Lands and this new map. It offers options and changes up monotonous gameplay, like we have with all DLC T3 structures requiring the same hardened brick recipe, even when the appearance of the structure shows wood.

I would also counter the whole “everyone uses sandstone buildings because [I think]…”.

  1. I have only ever built flotsam since the expansion and I never once was short for resources.

  2. Aside from my own structures, I’ve seen beautifully designed structures made using the new flotsam set. Tree houses, ship wrecked villages, taverns, stables, bridges, various designer homes. There’s no shortage of people happily using the new set.

  3. Finally, if you’re going to build beautiful structures in this game, you’re going to take the time to collect the materials, regardless of what’s needed. Whether it’s stone for T1 sandstone, wood for T1 flotsam, or steel and hardened brick for T3. No home designer is going to use a specific resource as an excuse for limiting their creations.


at the beach at siptah , use an axe on planks u find scattered on the beach… u will see that wood is way more than stone at the edges of the map

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Yeah so its for realism? Thats why the barkless trees gives u the most bark too? doh

I’m just saying atleast the people on the server i’m on, is spamming sandstone, would be nice to see the flotsam used instead.


Lets not forget people,

We don’t need a huge sandstone flotsam box of 30x30x30 to house crafting placeables.
But these words will never reach the ears and eyes of a box architect…

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There were two huge 30x30 sandstone cubes just down the beach from me. Both decayed, I even got to pull the plug on the one blocking the whole beach out into the water myself
#satisfying #feelgoodstoryoftheyear

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Stupid question but is your server by chance an exiled lands server where maybe the people playing on it don’t have that dlc? Always try to rule out the obvious answer (make sure the device is plugged in and all that)

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I saw it mentioned somewhere that they inverted the proportions specifically because wood is much more abundant on Siptah than in the desert.

Plus it just makes sense that your first structure after being shipwrecked would be made out of ship pieces, and not very many ships are made out of sandstone. At least none that are seaworthy. :wink:

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and I always HATED in exiles building out of sandstone in areas that it made no sense; the frozen north, the jungles to the east.

At least make a stone alternative that was a different color shade; or like flotsam a wood that matched the flora color scheme of the region (Ash colored up north, more temperate hues east)

There should be a Tier 1 wood outside of flotsam for inland building.

There is more rock in exiles, and more wood in Siptah, it all works out. Depending if you want to grind wood or rock.

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