Make this an MMO

This needs to be an MMO.

10-20 servers per region, a few thousand players per server, huge world, and some further limitations on land ownership, remove the avatar system completely and you have an amazing MMO.

Billion dollar game, easy.

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Sounds nice but the map isn’t big enough I don’t think. I think it works well the way it is. Plus I don’t think the netcode if good enough for that number of people.

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I agree 100%.

This would need to be an entirely new game. The map would need to be 20 times larger at the very minimum.

The netcode options do exist out there, such as SpacialOS so it’s certainly possible.

Eh… I’d rather they just build a new game that’s designed to be an MMO from the ground up.
I like this one the way it is, though the server cap should definitely be over 40. Perhaps around 70+ like others have suggested.


It’d be great to have larger fights. More players the better. Just needs optimization to support that.

I should have been more clear.

I mean take this game, make a new game that’s quite literally the same but on a massive scale.

Keep Exiles the way it is.

In that case, sure.

No! I don’t want rank 4 thralls be buy only. MMO cash out all freedoms this game has. Want to learn all engrams +$9.99. Each new location +$9.99. Mounts $$$ only. Pets $$$ only. Rest your level and engrams $$$ only. MMO are there to make money.

I hate MMOs.

That would indeed be cool, however they should work out the kinks in this game before moving to such a large scale project. They need the experiance and a solid base.

a MMO that takes place in the same Age as the Robert Howard stories… sort of a Age of Conan if you will.


Age of Conan is NOT Exiles in any way, shape, or form. It’s crap.

I’m just saying there is a Conan MMO made by Funcom already. Do you really want them to make another one?

Right…so an MMO without a cash shop? Ya, sounds good.

One of the reasons I will not touch Bless Online is because of the P2W crap. I advocate against all P2W garbage.

Yes, I would like them to make a good one. Exiles is amazing, they have the ability to create this on a mass scale.

I support the endeavor 100% and would gladly back the project.

DCUO,Terra,Smite,Neverwinter Online and etc. And that a few cash cow MMOs.

One “mmo” that does the cash shop right is Warframes. No pay to win and there are ways for f2p players to get the premium credits through trade, allowing anyone to get cosmetics so long as they put in the effort. And effort in this case isn’t synonimous with “korean grind”. XD

Also, it’s nice that they don’t shove their cash shop in your face at every oportunity.

FFXIV also used to do the cash shop well, only selling cosmetics.
But now people can pay to just about max out a character, which is uncool.

Ewww. That’s a shame.

Always sad to see MMOs go to way of greediness.

Ehhh… this being made as a MMO would be a disaster, it would end up in the same path as the other MMO’s and we know how that went. I prefer this game as it is.

I know exactly where you’re coming from and I’m feeling the same. Because this game as an MMO simply wouldn’t be your typical MMO. The problem is though, that Funcom already gave a shot at MMO’s and I’m afraid they’d consider it a dying genre from most point of views.

The other, bigger problem is, that Funcom doesn’t really seem to be in the position to throw money at things that didn’t work out in the past quite well. It’s a business after all, which at least partly also made them create Conan Exiles (built around the hype of survival games like Ark). There’s no shame or anything bad to it, just the assumption that Funcom doesn’t have the resources to yet again try their hands on this chapter yet.

Imagine also all the people that for whatever reason wouldn’t want a persistent world with several thousand players who already bought into the promise of this game.

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