Make Tuskbeasts rideable

Make Tuskbeasts rideable. As far as my understanding goes its just a normal rhino reskin so why not give the new mounts a tuskbeast skin😁


That should definitely be introduced!

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The tusk beast and Siptah rhino are two different critters.
Both uglier than the plain rhino or new skins form Siptah.

We made ONE EA rhino skinned just to try it out.
It sits in the corner as eye candy. We only use horses.

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it’s not a reskin
but I like beasts more then horses, keep 'em coming

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Being able to ride all the larger pet animals would be really sweet.

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Oh well crap lol I didn’t realize it was a whole different set of coding lol still gimme tuskbeast

Would love to ride a tusk beast, particularly as they stack up too 10 bleed on the charge.
Which is why i suspect we can’t ride em.
Would be nasty in pvp.

If they were as cumbersome as rhino’s who can’t jump (or move over small lips of land) I don’t think I’d be riding one. I’ll stick to horses

Please make Camels rideable also. :dromedary_camel:


100% agreed! pls make mounts!

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I’m positive camels are coming (doesn’t sound so ominous as winter is coming, but it will have to do)


Mounts are great and a camel mount would be awesome. But how about fixing the follow issue. So tired of wacking my mount well farming or having it run up on me while i’m fighting and forcing my arrows up, up, up and away in the wrong direction.

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Look at all the threads on horses in PvP right now and you want to get a 10 bleed mount.
I can already hear the screaming its too OP.

And that’s why it won’t happen.

I dont pvp, but it would be awesome to charge at the maelstrom mobs, particularly those spider bastards.

if you tempt me enough I might just mod it in to my BGM

To be fair im on console and don’t have access to the dlc yet haha. I had no idea that it caused 10 bleed :joy: thats awesome though. Still I think something could be done for mounts in general im personally speaking from an rp point of view​:blush:

I would tend to think so too. I am curious as how exactly how Camel mounts will manifest. By this I mean that Horses are geared towards speed, while Rhinos seem to be more geared towards strength. Well thats just how I personally am percieving their differences at this point. Perhaps Camels will be more geared towards encumberance.

RLcamels have awesome stamina, can go for days where horse would die of exhaustion, maybe something along those facts

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