Make weapons have the same value to be balanced

I know FC didnt plan the game to be like this, but to be more balanced, the weapons tiers need to have the same dmg or at least narrow the gap even more. The real difference should be in durability and bonuses for atributes. The game has a Survival skin with a MMO math, it just doesnt seem right.


I agree somewhat, but wouldn’t want to see all the tiers equalized too much.

A big portion of the game is running the industry required to produce high-quality gear.

You want the power of Star Metal? Better tuck in close to those Star Metal spawns, and control the Star Metal area to prevent others from harvesting it.

You want Iron? You’ll have to secure an iron mine and build the forges necessary to use it to its fullest potential. If you’re a low level, this might involve pushing out further in the map — further out from your comfort zone.

An essential part of Survival games is harvesting, crafting and building. Fighting is where that all comes to the forefront. Whether you win or lose is partly determined by your skill in combat, and party determined by the work you put towards preparing for the fight. That might include building battlements, escape routes, archer towers. It might also include crafting armors, weapons, and ammunition.

But at the same time, when I’m killed in PvP to another player, and they have a significant (+50%) advantage, it’s frustrating. Fighting is so fun in games like Sea of Thieves or PlayerUnknown’s because it’s such a toss-up between who wins. You have a slight advantage from preparing, but it’s still not huge. Both skill and ‘luck’ play big parts.

Another thing to consider is how fundamentally the gameplay shifts once the Purge system is introduced. Players who craft higher-tier gear will need to fight off higher-tier Purges as well. If you can hunt players with high-tier gear, while being lower-tier yourself, then you may win all the benefits of their labour, while having none of the responsibilities…


I would see the tiers being very close together but not identical (durability is next to useless in PvP). But I think I have exhausted my say on this in different topic :wink:

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I also agree somewhat with you and with TwinCrows. I think weapons should have 3+1 tier.

  • Tier “0”, Stone Weapons: This is the makeshift weapon, something you can craft in desperation, should have low durability and low damage.

  • Tier 1, Iron Weapons: The damage this dear does is much superior to stone and also has more durability.

  • Tier 2, Steel Weapons: Slightly more damage than Iron, but it is more durable.

  • Tier 3, Star Metal: Again, a bit more damage than Steel, but with a more accentuated increase in durability.

This tier stuff could work to anything in the game, Food, Defense, Healing… To be a true survival game, every aspect of it, the combat more than anything, should be exclusively skill based. Of course a player with Tier 3 should have and advantage above Tier 1 players, but the best player should always win.

And as Crows said, having the resources have to be important as well, so we should always want to upgrade our tools and weapons. Otherwise, there would be no real sense of progression.

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