Make wooden building pieces and placeables inflammable

I suggest making wooden roofs and floors as well as workbenches and other wood placables especially sensitive to catching fire.
A burning object would then ignite inflammable neighbouring objects or building pieces after a some time.
Setting a thing on fire can be done with demonfire orbs and demon-fire barrages. The fire would do more damage than it does now but die out after a normal amount of time unless fed with tar as we have it in the orb system.

On the other hand make the stone building pieces (T1 T2 T3 from the original game) immune to fire. The only roof that should resist fire is the stone T3 from the original game then.

That way we would have more meaning for demon fire raiding equip, a new fun game mechanic to play around with and a purpose for the more expensive stone T3 that sets it apart from blackice stuff.

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I hate that I like this :slight_smile:

It would probably be too laggy, if too many fires were being started at a given time.

Also, this comes across more just as a severe annoyance than anything else.

Especially if your crafting stations are getting burned for no real reason.

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