Making servers more active.... GG Funcom

What are some good ways funcom can make servers more active. They should let people move characters off of dead servers they just can’t bring any items with them only their character. Also they should shut down inactive servers so those few players still there can join up on other servers. Another good way to get new players on the game is to make the base game free to play. Game grew in popularity when it was free to play on PlayStation 4. Look how popular fortnite is and it’s free. The make money in market place same thing for Conan make base game free and make money off of quality dlc. Anyone have any good suggestions on how to increase server population? I play on official server 3552 on PlayStation 4 and server is never maxed out at 40 people and that’s not even a lot of people considering fortnight has rounds with a 100 players at once.

Well I myself do not think free to play is the way to go and omg please do not make it anything like fortnight.

In my mind the way to make Conan servers more active is get rid of the cheaters, make it so people want to play, fix the under meshing, really its been how long and still they find new ones, QA funcom needs some QA, fix the issues with AI, give some end game content. Maybe a few quests, give people something to do after they reach level 60 other then thrall the broken thralls. Fix the bugs that have been in the game forever but first get rid of the cheaters, hackers on officials and maybe more people would enjoy it but that is all just IMO>

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Sigh these people. I would say, make it pay to play, look how popular WoW is … They also have paid character transfers.


I wouldnt think you would want a maxed out server as it would mean people are being turned away from playing. I’m not sure what the magic mix is but I certainly wouldnt want to sit waiting to login and play.

Portability of characters only?.. I guess maybe, but its pretty easy to make just the character. The value is the base, equipment and thralls; I can only speak for myself but having a variety of appearances has some value. Not sure this would really be all that impactful on getting new players/keeping old ones. It might have a terrible unintended consequence of people spreading over multiple servers and causing problems, but I havent really thought about how big a deal it would be. It would certainly be a fluff violation as your character only lives in one world.

My suggestions to grow this game’s player base:

  1. Fix the game. We’re going on two years post official release and it’s still loaded with bugs, glitches, and performance issues. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t like that in a game. It’s frustrating, kills immersion, and causes premature player burn-out.
  2. Save character leveling and progress on the client side so a person doesn’t have to re-level every time they decide to move to another server.
  3. Adjust game parameters so they make sense. (weapon damage, armor effectiveness and temperature protection…etc.)
  4. Lower the cost of DLC. It’s just re-skinning and from what I’ve seen, some of the items in DLC packs are completely useless.

That’s just off the top of my head. I believe these points would go a long way in healing dev/user relations and boost server populations.

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f2p games are cancer nests, there is not a single good f2p game not ruined by the community.


And as someone who’s played on an official server that, at the time, regularly had a prime time population of ~30 players, it was an underwhelming experience. In my experience, anything over 20-25 players on at the same time, and server stability starts swirling the bowl, followed by inevitable crashes.

All good points, but i would add
5. Fix economy. The majority of left over players who have camped out on servers really have no reason to farmr for the next 5 years lol.

  1. Fix PVP officials. right now 75% of the time they are PVE-C. Some how making them 24/7 raid, at the same time making offline wiping have some sort of major drawback.

These 2 tie to something i feel is leading to the average gamer not wanting to invest in the official servers, and they don;t trust privates. The reason battle arena and such games are popular is because they do not require a time sink and abandoning real life. Not that I want CE to be a pick up and put down title, but balancing someone who can play 15-20 hours closer to those that play 50+ hours a week would bring in more players and bring a more fun element.

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I almost suggested performance would likely suffer but hadnt experienced it personally enough to say. Good point.

What I don’t know is if the problem is fundamentally with their server architecture, that G-Portal is hosting them on low-end VMs (not enough memory or CPU resources, for example), or some combination of the two. I do wonder, looking at my own G-Portal server, why a completely idle server with no players connected to it is consuming almost 5 GB of virtual memory. That seems … excessive.

Well no I didn’t mean make the game like fortnite definitely not lol just suggesting it be a lot more popular if it was free to play. Game got a lot of new people the month it was free to play on PlayStation 4. These new players would probably buy dlc in turn making them more money and populate the servers as well

How would charging monthly help with anything or charge to move a character? We’re you serious? Wow is king of mmos why you comparing that to Conan a survival game? No one would pay

Yes it is pretty easy to make a character and level it, but the real challenge is all those recipes you have learned and stuff you have unlocked, those things would follow your character and save you tons of time not having to redo them, maybe even more time than it takes to harvest resources to build a new base and equipment - I could definitely see a chance to move a character to a new server being a thing :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m just not sure that would have a good impact on new players. Being high level gives a big advantage for collecting resources quickly so on a new server, the level 60s joining would have a huge advantage.

But of course there could be a server Checkbox setting that says “new characters only can join” to let admins control it, and in that case I’d say if adding the option is easy, go ahead and add it. I’m not sure the game is structured that way though since there arent local save games (at least none obvious on console anyway). In general though, server admins having more options is a good thing if its easy to add to the game. If it gets into how the database stores character data though, its possible making this change could introduce serious bugs, nothing anyone wants to see.

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I completely get that it would give high level players a huge advantage if they were allowed to move with their levels + all recipes they have learned, maybe if there was a price to a server move, like fx having to remove the bracelet, so instead of wandering away behind the wall, you get the chance to switch server although leaving all your physical stuff and buildings behind - My problem is that the only thing that keeps me at the server I am currently playing on is all the recipes I have learned, I could easily live with having to start from scratch gathering resources to build and craft stuff, but all recipes and other stuff I have unlocked is what holding me back :grin:

That might work so at least server hopping wouldnt be an option.

I have a couple different characters on several servers so that I can have different looks. If they ever gave me a hairstylist, I dont think I’d ever play anywhere but my own server…

I don’t think it would be a big deal if a level 60 can gather resources faster then a new player. Game is 2 years old so there’s always going be some players with advantages over new players.

Thats true, but its a hard sell to make it even more disparate.

This came up in a discussion on one of the servers I play on just the other day, about how even with free weekends it seems all the new players seem to bleed away within a week or two and how the online pvp scene is basically dead. Only a few servers with players, and from server to server you see a lot of identical faces. It’s really just the same few clans server hopping to fight eachother at this point.

Problem is Funcom has only ever really dealt with their PVP community with great reluctance. Not just in this game either, but in all their games. I know from the many, many hours into some of their other titles that this is just how they run things. You’ve got to twist their arm for months and months and eventually they’re like OKAY WE’VE HEARD YOUR CRIES WE’VE HEARD YOUR PLEAS WE’RE GONNA uhhh… scrolls through the forums for the literal first thread they can see with a pvp complaint uhhhh we’re gonna make horns drop less frequently because people wear kambujan armor! There! We balanced pvp! Now no more requests for 2 years! … and we’re all just left sitting there like “wait, what?”

Just look at the history here. They nerfed volatile gland droprates because you could stack orbs for crazy damage, but then they stopped orb stacking. Did they bring gland rates back to normal? Nope. They nerfed the droprates on horns because everyone was wearing kambujan medium, but now that everyone is wearing whatever they want, you still get 1 horn per kill no matter the tool. Let’s not forget poor Ymir, who remained 5 times more expensive than all the other gods even after they changed it so you don’t get ice from trees. It took them a full year to fix that pretty glaring issue. Everyone complained that hardened brick buildings cost so much more time to make compared to black ice, so it wasn’t really viable in pvp. We begged to have the costs more similar to eachother (really, asking for hardened brick structures to either just take black ice or cost less) so they uh… increased the cost of black ice structures…? Not that it matters when you can get 30k black ice in 5 minutes.

I could go on when it comes to minute balance issues, but it’s the major things too. Servers can only have 40 people in them, leaving them feeling barren and empty even in the midst of heated clan wars. Gportal servers are absolute garbage, so the minute you start bombing something or engaging in pvp everyone starts warping everywhere. I tried bombing a honeycombed base once and the server crashed, it took me 6 hours to reconnect and it took a full week for that base to load in for everyone on the server, so even the owners couldn’t assess the damage. Never mind how duping exploits trivialize the entire online experience.

So between the garbage servers, dwindling population, schizophrenic balance patches, totally out of touch developers, persistent exploits and their total unwillingness to engage in a REAL way with their pvp community… we find ourselves here, where our only real suggestion is “well, lets make it so the 3 people left online can at least play together by hopping servers”. Really funcom needs to sit down and actually invest in the pvp experience, but by this point I feel like its too little too late. It’s not common for a game to come back from the brink, very hard to turn the tide.

If the servers were more like 70/70, ran smoother, exploits were ironed out (at LEAST the duping, we can live with the rest), and pvp balance wasn’t so completely out of touch, we’d be in a great spot. Problem is like I said though, because they’re not actually engaging with us in a meaningful way when they do finally reluctantly touch the pvp portion of the game (which was supposed to be its biggest portion, is now only a few hundred people during primetime) it feels half assed. Oh well.

Edit: And just an aside, given that investing in pve is giving the illusion of success, I doubt they’ll ever really sit down and iron out the pvp experience. Adding horses to the game doubled the average playerbase. I honestly don’t know what everyone is doing in their solo/coop worlds for months on end in a pvp sandbox game that keeps them so interested, but funcom is learning that they’re a profitable group. Release a dlc every few months and rake in the cash while they play legos. Thousands of servers (LITERALLY thousands) empty on pvp, could have had a community like rust with 70k players online, we had 1.5 million copies sold in the first week of the games release but all funcom can see is the 10k people playing by themselves building sandcastles. It really can’t be stressed enough, one point five MILLION sales in the FIRST WEEK, many of those sales from rust players and other survival gamers looking SPECIFICALLY for a pvp experience and nearly ALL the original playerbase bled out, but funcom is still willing to trade 70k+ pvp’ers for 10k solo players.

So for the second time this post, OH well. They’re already working on their next sandbox survival game. I don’t even know why funcom bothers to make pvp titles, they’re clearly not interested in them.


The secret is no server is maxed out. Want to play on another server don’t be lazy and create a new character and level it like everyone else.