Making servers more active.... GG Funcom

Ceron hit nail on the head duping has ruined the game and servers should been 70/70 for a chance to grow past low 40 number. Where are the gods!? And to the guy said just make a new character and level I say hell to the naw. I have two level 60s been playing game entire two years I’m telling you I’ll quit this game all together before I drag myself to waste time leveling another character on this game. All feature points and recipes why would I no life it to level up again on a dien game

“No life it” is a bit of an overstatement. You can get to 60 in a weekend and a week later have all the recipes. I get that starting over isnt a great time at first, but making characters portable isnt a replacement for addressing exploits.

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My suggestion would be

Fix the core mechanics maybe?


Read a little bit above:

Impossible, yes you can level and find a lot of hidden recipes pretty fast, but fx the recipes from scrolls in the archives, I don’t see how you would deal with the random recipe you get there to get all within a week?

Its not impossible, but it does require being on vacation… that was my christmas…

Then you’re either playing singleplayer or an a fairly empty server + have had an insane amount of luck with the scroll recipes, there are close to 30 of them and you can easily exchange a couple of hundreds fragments of power without getting all of them + there are also other recipes from bosses in dungeons - Sorry but I have a hard time believing that you within a week got all end game content.

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I am on a private server and did in fact have to use 300 fragments to get all of them (kiln was last, otherwise I would have stopped). It did only take a week but on officials it mightve taken longer (I still think in off peak you could do it). However, experiencing this game in open officials is not ever the way I would go.

Its also worth pointing out that on pvp officials you have 4x experience whereas pve and on my server, its set to 1x. So not necessarily quicker away from pvp officials.

From where I’m sitting, the Official I’m on is too active to the point where sometimes you can’t even connect during Purge hours.

My recommendation to help build up more active servers would be to default to hiding crowded servers for those who do not already have characters on them. In that way, instead of everyone trying to jam new characters into the last 3 slots on a server that’s at 37/40, maybe some folks would consider joining ones that are at around 10/40 or 20/40, etc. and thereby build those up too.

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Not bad idea

Sure. They did that not too long ago though. That’s not to say the game wouldn’t benefit from doing it again, but the question is whether it’d pay to do so.

Of course there has been quite a few updates since the last big bugfixing round, including the addition of several new systems (mounts and leveling thralls, for example), so it’s in all likelihood due.

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