Making the game active around the clock (shards in dungeons)

Or simply remove the ability to get raid relics from Rf ,Boost it’s atlantean shard gain a bit and replace relic drops with buff potions ,pets etc


Agree in all points, thats sth a lot of ppl have been waiting and hoping for, for a long time. It became harder to fill dungeon runs since tons of ppl already t6 geared or only aim for chaos. Would love to see uc or other dungeons getting filled in minutes instead of hours again! Thank u for this post Mori, hope it will be recognized!


I never understand why it is so hard to stay on topic too :stuck_out_tongue:

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All the other things people suggested could be changed as well. But since most posts here agree with Moriala i think his suggestion is the best and most important, cause it would actually revive a lot of content in this game.
So please devs add the shards in some form or another to dungeons. This is what the game needs and it would be the perfect timing as well, since we are all in corona lockdown.

If you are scared about bugs or exploits with the added shards, just put it on Testlive first. I’m pretty sure there would be many volunteers to test it :wink: Myself included ofc.

So PLEASE make it happen!


And please while on it, give some love to House of Crom bosses as well. I miss doing Narvi, Alchemist and whatnot. In my personal opinion those and Mona/Palace runs are the safest place to learn the game. Nobody cares too much about them to be salty during runs or don’t care at all to be just normal Keshatta dungeons. So i also agree that it will add safe enviorment to new players while giving reasons veteran players to teach them with tips’n tricks.

Besides its Atlantean shard, it should drop from HoC right?



Less work …

NPC to exchange unused dungeon trophies & raid relics for shards.


One thing that has become almost completely forgotten is the time trials. Both unchained dungs and raids.

A twist on Morialas great idea could be to somehow make it lets say:

Every unchained dungeon/raid

10 shards for completion
15 for aspirant
20 for adept
30 veteran
40 master

With a suitable cooldown



This is probably the most liked post on this forum and it should be feasible to implement as it builds onto content that already exist.

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I would also like to propose an amendement, That they also add shards to minis. Thanks for reading! Hope @funcom listens!


That’s a pretty good idea. I’d hope it increases the population around the clock. As I’m in GMT+12, by the time I finish work, the server is empty. EU peak time seems about 3am, and US peak seems to be 2pm my time. Which sucks as I really miss running dungeons and raids.


100% Agree. Simplest solution is to just add in a small number of shards per dungeon for each player. The number scaling with the difficulty of the dungeon.

Anything that restores purpose back to dungeons and away from the giant Piñata is a good thing.

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Please make this happen, Funcom. I even went as far as to reset my password to login and placed my vote. (yes, reset password is a lot of work!)
You might see more and players are coming back, and that could be more subs. It’s a win win solution :slightly_smiling_face:

If you make Mori’s idea happens, RF won’t die. Don’t worry about RF. A lot of people would still go to RF.
But you might see less and less people complain about afkers RF. Because they don’t have to attend it and so they don’t care anymore. And that would be just a very small fraction of people who usually come to RF.

On the other side, new quest lines (with atlantean shards as rewards) will most likely draws quite a number of AoC veterans back.

I also support Honey’s idea about atlantean shards dropping from 6mans. Be it khitai/turan/hoc/vile/dragon spine dungeons, or old world unchained. It would be totally fine if we have to choose our reward between rare trophies or atlantean shards.

And back to Mori’s idea, I believe you will see a lot of activities in all weird places. For example, you don’t need to make a Bubshur House Unchained to make people come back to that place. We will voluntarily go there if killing bosses in Bubshur House is part of new quest lines.


I like every proposal stated above. I definitely like better those of Moriala and Honey, though :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to reshake an old one: please lower the prices for Khitan faction gear. Frankly it’s quite strange to be able to get better T4 gear simply farming RF, but still not be able to buy slightly worse gear without a sub.

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When it comes to Atlantean shards, another welcome change would be to introduce some new things to buy with them - e.g. vanity armor, pets and the like. If you’ve been doing the raid finder once a week since it was introduced to the game, you have probably bought all the rings and gems you wanted and have thousands of unused Atlantean shards by now (and nothing to spend them on). Adding shards to dungeons doesn’t really help if you have nothing left to buy with them.


That made my day - people do rf with characters that already have the rings and gems? Why on earth would anyone do that?
On a more serious note: Adding more things to buy for tokens, especially raid tokens (T4 anyone?), but actually all kinds of ingame currencies, is a very good idea. Pets, vanity, even cool titles or awesome badges, the items from the veteran vendor, or quality of life stuff like inventory slots or recipies, crit pots etc., whatever.
The suggestion to add more stuff to buy for a. shards should go with the suggestion to add them to dungeons actually, because Cynara is right - why do the dungeons if you have nothing left to buy for the shards anyway.


Perhaps an idea idea could be making a streak dungeon,

1 you get a quest
2 you complete a dungeon you like w/o wiping
3 the quest give you another dungeon to complete w/o wiping
4 IF you complete that dungeon w/o wiping THEN you get that amount token
5 GOTO 3

change according to your tastes “w/o wiping” with “in aspiratn time” then “adept time” at the second iteration and so on

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Ooh dungeon unconquered

Removing shards and legendary rewards from the raid finder, world bosses, and Onslaught while placing them into raid instances least popular last week would fix many community problems within the game.
People should not associate less effort (daily rewards) and more repetition (raid finder and onslaught) should yield better gear than content that requires more preparation, focus, and planning: this is just wrong.

We are in Conan’s world, not in Lineage 2.

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