Male NPC's NEVER Have Beards!

@Croms_Faithful After doing a review of my troops, I couldn’t find any males with beards, though there’s a surprising number of men with long hair and pattern baldness.

Also, as has been reported elsewhere, there are no T4 female dancers with cleavage of any significance (Lianeele being a possible exception).

@Tselem I think all the women with weird make-up and no hair were hired by the CoV (Children of the Vault) for Borderlands 3. :wink:


… or maybe they’ve become hollow and flee to Lordran [Darksouls] ^^

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Haven’t found any, either.

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Also for the females, different hair styles, more so the long ponytail. The variety of makeup would be a bonus.

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In general I’d say I’d love to see more differentiation between npcs but hey …
the base editor is very limited by itself so I guess I can’t expect more than that.

Sometimes I still create new female characters using the random face (Razma’s scarred face, it is only present in female players by randomizing some face feature until it comes out) but the npc seem to not have fully access to the physical features and so ponytails, beard and “bald hairs” won’t show up in no npc around.

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It looks like we are all starting to notice a few more absences now in terms of the character options/models the game is utilising peoples. I hope that we can also have females spawn in with these too. Nice find Hundeprest and Tselem!

Another curious absence which has slipped the net. Thankyou KillerQueen.

Sorry to bother you again, however we have spotted some additional irregularities. Other members have now spotted a few other discernable absences here (quoted above). Essentially, female characters seem to be not using a number of hair styles or any make up. It would be great and even more immersive if spawning characters also used these hair and makeup options.

Could you please also poke our devs about this too…?

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Will do, thank you for sharing further findings with us!

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