Mammoth Defeat Resulting in Unforeseen Skyward Ascension

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands


I pen this missive in the spirit of seeking your esteemed attention to a peculiar occurrence witnessed in our adventurous realm. It pertains to a rather perplexing anomaly surrounding the effects of Poison Damage-Over-Time (DOT) on our colossal mammoths. Upon their fateful demise, these majestic beasts, instead of yielding to gravity’s earthly pull, ascend to unprecedented altitudes, defying the laws of nature themselves.

Bug Description:
Upon inflicting the Poison DOT effect on a mammoth, the creature’s health progressively dwindles as expected. However, upon succumbing to its perilous fate, the mammoth launches skyward with great vigor, akin to an eagle soaring upon the thermal updrafts of the heavens. This unexpected aerial escapade is, undoubtedly, an unintended and surreal spectacle, evoking both awe and bewilderment. Foul sorceries are suspected.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Engage in single combat with a mammoth.
  2. Inject poison with preferred weapon of choice.
  3. Observe the mammoth’s health deplete over time.
  4. Witness the mammoth’s transcendence into the celestial realm upon its demise.

Expected Result:
Upon defeating a mammoth afflicted by the Poison DOT effect, one would anticipate a more grounded outcome, befitting the natural laws of the land. The mammoth’s corporeal form should remain tethered to the earth, allowing for appropriate post-battle interactions and rewards.

Actual Result:
Regrettably, the mammoth exhibits an otherworldly ability to defy gravity, ascending into the vast expanses of the sky upon its defeat. This phenomenon is beyond the scope of the expected outcome, potentially causing confusion and disrupting the immersive experience for intrepid adventurers.


This is gold, dude! I wish I could give it more than one like :smiley:




This is my favorite bug report for my favorite bug


Go kill a dragon with poison DoT while it’s performing its tail swipe attack, and take a bet how far it will land (and if you can find it or not)!

Giant snake world bosses tend to dangle like the earphone wires, these monents like this will definately smuggle some fun moments into the game.

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Ahhh brings back fond memories of Rhino golf, best game ever.

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My only point of criticism is that you find this result unexpected. Having played since Early Access, I still have the default expectation that deceased pachyderms launch into the air and, if one is lucky, land within render distance. If one is unlucky, they reach escape velocity and follow Yogah of Yag’s spirit into the stellar realms.

Mammoths learned a few things from Skyrim. Is this a bug or a feature? Yes. :yum:

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