Mammoth glitching into base and can't get back out

I have a base up north and in the last 2 weeks a mammoth has glitched into my base 3 times.
My base is a tower and he would walk all the way to the top and back to the bottom but he can’t get out.
The only way was try and kill him because relogging and leaving the chunck didnt work. Even not being online for more then a day didnt help.
How is it possible that this happens and what can I do to prefent it from happeing again.
I am on a PVE server incase that matters.

Is he spawning into the base or getting stuck when he aggros onto you? I know it’s a bit of a hassle and not the best solution but you might be able to kill the mammoth and then surround your base with fence foundations and fences to create a perimeter or surround it with palisades. Even world bosses won’t be able to cross a wall of palisades and it’ll keep them from interfering with you if they aggro on you since they’ll get stuck and eventually reset.

If he’s just simply spawning into your base I still recommend the fence/palisades because it widens the area of claimed land you have which will often prevent the enemies from spawning near your base all together although this may not be beneficial if you are using the mammoth for resources.

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