Mane Novum (Roleplay 18+ Siptah Server)

Mane Novum (RP 18+ Siptah Server)

You wake up on a crude cot to the sound of crashing waves and seagulls overhead. As your eyes adjust, you see what appears to be the inside of a ship. Last you remember, you were a prisoner on a ship headed for the Exiled Lands, but something happened… A storm? An attack? You aren’t quite sure, but wherever you are now, it’s certainly nicer than a slave ship. When you sit up, you feel the boat rock back and forth, clearly still on the sea. Along with you in the hold of the ship is another man, dark with bright body paint.
What will you do…?

Mane Novum is an Isle of Siptah server which includes mods such as AoC, EEWA, Professions, along with many other mods to give players a unique experience on Siptah. The admin team has set up the server to seamlessly work with AoC and other mods, as well as include a number of Exiled Lands recipes which Vanilla Siptah was lacking.
Main features:
+Level 300
+Level 60 Boost (Optional)
+Fully Functioning AoC And EEWA Features
+Alternate Method Of Obtaining Thralls Which Doesn’t Require Farming The Maelstrom
+All The Recipes And Feats From Exiled Lands
+EXP/ Gathering Rates: x2.5 / x1
+3 Admin Hubs
+Plenty Of Quests, Including Dailies
+Player Market
+Custom Race Kits

Server Discord:
Server Modlist: