Manifestation of Zeal stolen?

Excuse me, but since when can manifestation of zeal be stolen??! It cannot be moved, so it cannot be stolen, right? Is this a hack of some sort? Im on an official pvp server (PC), so zero mods.

I dont really cry after the zeal as such, I just think there is something fishy going on.

EDIT: Just checked, the zeal is still in the sepulcher so its the display that is at fault. What is this even…

It happens when someone moves it around within the shrine or if they just click loot all. Been that way for a long time

I believe the event log sometimes is just plain wrong or gets information crossed at times. I had someone accuse me of taking their stuff and dismantling their base. Their event log said I dismantled a foundation. It was certainly incorrect because when I found out where said base was located, I had never even been to that part of the map in ages, let alone even knew someone built there.

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