Many 2005-2010 era PvP videos - from an old backup

Hey folks,

I just happened to find an old backup with a treasure trove of Anarchy Online PvP videos - none of which are my own - and I’ve decided to upload them all to YouTube for the old farts to view. Unfortunately the new forums don’t let me post links yet since the account is too new - wouldn’t have had that problem on the old ones :stuck_out_tongue: … could any mods please tick the right boxes to allow me to post the YouTube links below, or do it on my behalf?

See ya,
Lupusceleri (and Alphacenta, Lysdexic, Aesculapias, etc)


Hai Lupus. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Lupu is back? Nice

oh hai! :bulb:

Right there! Thanks for uploading those <3

Lupus! Best agent ever! <3


Nah Infidell is not that good


I had a bigger list of descriptions prepared for when I had the privilege to post links, but it seems the moderators are as dead as the game itself probably is :stuck_out_tongue: you know, back in the day that would mean it’d be time to start the flame wars… the forums were always the best expansion pack for AO. :joy:

Thanks for at least linking the channel hell, and folks, if you’re not going to watch all of them especially the Darkempire, Pathogen, Cortez videos were epic.

<3 Forz, are Enforcers still the nerfest!? Just watch the Pathogen in BS "Pathogen-patho.wmv" video from 03:00 onwards, he was loving his gameplay experience with you on the Battlestations haha.

And for the rest: nope, not back, just dropping by. :wink:

Wise call; don’t tarnish good memories.