Many makeup options on certain faces not working or not working correctly

I want to bring this topic up because it annoys me since long time, I spent a lot of gold for bugged face paint that had no effect or was misplaced. When will these things be corrected?! Its very annoying since the prices to change styles are quite high so there should be taken care of the fact that it works correctly!
And another thing that bothers me: why cant we rework our toon design later in the game? Other games also offer this option (it is something that increases your satisfaction with the game!). The character editor shows not good enough how the toon will later look in the game, and styles you can try are also very limited - let alone the annoying head movement during the character creation…

Bugs like that will probably never be fixed.

Post-creation character editing has been wanted ever since the game first came out. It will likely never happen. Funcom has said many things on the matter, along the lines of “it just isn’t technically feasible due to the way the game works.”