Many players look forward to the most important update is the server transfer! Not something else

Maybe the transfer is not for you, but for them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What server transport really means is going from new to old or from old to new. And lose a lot of material in the re-mining development is too sad!

No matter how they implement it, the cheaters will find a way to exploit it somehow. The cheaters have already ruined this game. Maybe they should focus more on preventing that

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By playing for thousands of hours? So every day when you go live, you think about what you want to play today? And then you just stare into space? Ha Ha, change the server!

Yes I definitely look forward to this, yes indeed!

I have a few naked lvl 60 characters on dead servers where I lost everything to decay. I’d be happy to transfer those to a more populated server and try my luck.

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Wak4863 YouTube no server transfers day one his words not mine

There’s cheaters on this game?:eyes:

I was wondering this. In the 2.3 preview, they mentioned that transfers were going to be the way they fixed the missing recipes and loot on Siptah… However, everything I’ve read since doesn’t feel like this is an option. Sure it’s great if you are on the exile map and have learned all the recipes, religion, and emotes, then sure transfer over. However, for those of us that already gave up our lvl 60 characters on other servers when siptah started, it’s a letdown. I wanted to spend two days hopping over to a CE Map, run the map, gathering the missing recipes and picking up some sandbeast bile and drowned scales.

Things that are odd on Siptah. No religion teachers, so random drop on a surge now… Zath has no token to learn…
Missing ingredients to the Venomous weapons.
Pearls in-game but nothing to use them on.
Serpent weapons but no recipes to fix them
No one that I know of has looted the recipe for Cooking 1.

The only reason those on Siptah want to transfer to exiles is for those things. It’s not so we can use our Vault gear in pvp…

Wrong they are still waiting for the promised sorcery :smiley:

Sure, it’s definitely for someone else. But the statement made was that it is the most important update. Period. I would 100% disagree with that. That is an extraordinary claim that someone made by qualifying it that ‘many people’ agree on. Who is this ‘many’ what sample sets are we talking about out of active players. This sounds very much like what a politician would say when data is not on their side.

I honestly didn’t even know this was a feature that was being implemented until I started poking around the forums after a few month hiatus. I’ve never seen this discussed before. Now it’s the most important update? If this was a way to connect Exiled Lands to Siptah and vice versa without losing your stuff that could be cool. But that’s not what this is.

I don’t see a point on changing the server. It’s still the same game, just on a different server? If I wanted a fresh start I could just create a new character on a different server? I fail to see why this is the “most important update” to “many people”.

There are clans with more than 40 people (“many people”). They use Discord. It gives them an advantage, as there is always enough people online to raid anybody else. (They use it to punish people, like when someone acquires a new base or joins a clan.) They can instantly invite and uninvite members to fit into a 10 man clan, and raid. You see… now they want the server transfer over the invite/uninvite. Playing for keeps (dominate) is important to them.

I understand your view, too, but they will dominate in any way possible, even outside the context of the game, to keep their clan status.

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My feelings are a lot like yours on this CodeMage.

I play on public PvP, and I started solo. I have other people in my clan now, but none of them I know IRL and can depend upon holding onto the clan. I initially wanted transport b/t EL and Siptah because wanted to be able to experience all the new content in Siptah with my character, without having to leave my home server and let all my hard work building decay.

With this in mind, if the transfer cooldown is 1 week for Officials, then that means that I cannot feasibly take a nice holiday over to Siptah AND keep my progress on my official server–except potentially by having an alt to manage my home clan… which I’m not sure if it’s against the rules or not (provided neither account is banned, which mine is not).

This is completely unfair for solo players, as large alpha clans can literally just have someone stay at home (on home server) and the rest can go get some cool new–and sometimes empirically better–gear and experiences on Siptah. I personally really want this transfer feature but, as Octavian said

Posting here because I’ve been kinda silent on this issue and I want to make sure FC knows what I think before they solidify the feature.

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Most people don’t care about transferring between EL servers. They want access to Siptah and Vice-Versa.

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Which is exactly what people were wanting from Siptah. Because many players–like me–wanted to be able to explore and play with the new content we paid for without having to start a whole new game. Which… we still can’t do with the transfer feature unless we have a large active clan… which I don’t.

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I don’t doubt that YOU don’t wanna use your vault gear in PvP, but I’m sure there are some who really do. :rofl: (Especially with some of the crazy good weapons on Siptah)


This… I would love to see this. Basically all they would have to do is add the ability to transfer custom data along with players… even if it’s just a huge string, although a dictionary or Key-Vaule Table would be better. Then modded server owners making up a “cluster” could just have a shared password for all of their servers and the transfer could pass character-bound mod data between them.

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I am hoping if and when they do support modded server transfers we do not need to keep all the same mods on each server in the cluster (River Boats on Savage Wilds and Savage Wilds on Exiled lands for example). I am sure the server transfer will not work well for modded servers initially, but hopefully in the later updates to the system.

On the official servers, yes easy transfer to one map and back would be nice. I personally would not even build any major base on the second map since its easier to maintain one base than two but I am sure I will have a small outpost for convenience.

Another thought regarding this feature has been on my mind and, since it is relevant, I figured that I should post this in this thread:

Dear Funcom,
The bodyvaulting of Dragonpowder, must be removed or regulated before allowing server transfers. If this is NOT done, it will ruin PvP for many players.

Here is why: in Conan Exiles it is possible to hide your character in the world and, after 7 days, the body will dissappear while being unlootable and unkillable. Due to a glitch/exploit, I have heard that it is possible to have the body dissappear (on Officials) in the course of a night.

This mechanic seems innocuous. And I agree, but only in a vacuum. If a player quits playing for a while, they can pack up their base and crafter thralls in their backpack and body vault; Letting their base decay. When that player comes back to play they have their character (levels + feats) and their inventory (a nifty headstart). Here comes the problem: Massive Quantities of Explosives (i.e. Dragon Powder) and Raid Materials (Explosive/Poison Arrows, Archpriests, Potions and Buffs) can also be body vaulted.

This in and of itself wouldn’t be a problem except for Conan’s troubled history with Glitches and exploits. Body vaulting isn’t necessarily a problem if the person doing the vaulting acquired their resources legitimately, however, this leads us to the problem of the day–which looms over the entire Conan PvP community like a dark cloud: Many, MANY body vaults on Official Conan Exiles PvP servers are cheap alts bought by cheaters back when it WAS POSSIBLE to DUPE Dragonpowder. They duped a ton of Dragonpowder (many with exploits and bugs that have since been patched out) and stashed it on these body vaults (along with duplicated Avatar tokens and such ). These body vaults could awaken any time with enough firepower and resources to level a server in days.

Currently, because most duping exploits have been resolved (to my knowledge) prior to the launch of Isle of Siptah, IoS servers are shielded from the dark cloud, as duping was never available on those servers, and characters are currently bound to one server.

Now… if server transfer is implemented as currently proposed–without any safeguards–
I have had numerous players tell me they are quitting when (they say “if” but anyone on the forums knows that it IS coming) the change happens. The reasons are actually not varied at all.

The reasons they all give is exactly the same: people being able to bring their duped-bomb containing body vaults to other servers will only serve to allow these players to bring their illicit goods to Isle of Siptah. And I agree–having been on the receiving end of a known duper’s body vault whom burned more than 1,500 bombs on my base in a single night, and whom’s ally (who also can’t keep his mouth shut) said that the duper’s body vault had over 500,000 dragon powder (i.e. 1,500 bombs was a drop in the bucket).

Ok, So… Players unfairly moving huge quantities of duped bombs into IoS and across EL servers is a bad deal for all PvP players that play fair. So what are the solutions? Here are my thoughts on some possible solutions:

  1. Kill all body vaults on Official PvP servers. Bodies left in the world should remain in the world for a longer period of time than the present (i.e. >2 weeks, I’m thinking ~ 1 month), and at the end of this time period the player’s body dies and their loot is kicked out into a lootbag in the world to decay. If they log in again (i.e. awakening body vault) they have all their skills, feats and attributes, but have nothing left in their inventory. As it can be argued that body vaults are great for more casual players, it may be great to have tweakable parameters for body decay time, or to toggle this on and/off, but this setting should prevent body vaulting entirely (as I believe is fitting for a survival game on a PvP game mode).
  2. As has been mentioned on this forum, potentially introduce a contraband/customs limit on the amounts of certain materials (such as Dragonpowder, Jugs, Steelfire, Demonblood, etc) that can be transferred between servers.
  3. A simple and elegant solution for explosives would be to give Dragonpowder and Volatile Glands a decay timer less than the body vault time. (Currently this doesn’t work due to an exploit that allows people to bodyvault in <24 hours–as a decay timer <24hr for dragonpowder seems unfeasible with current game mechanics). Assuming that players can’t instantly body vault, crafted dragonpowder would decay before the body disappears from the world.

I’ll update this list if I come up with other options. That said, the reality is that server transfers have the capacity to allow players access to awesome new options and content, however, it also has the potential to deal the killing blow to already struggling PvP servers.

As I feel this is an important concern, I’m adding an @Community tag here in hopes it helps the team see this post.

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I really don’t care about the transfer at all.

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