Many players look forward to the most important update is the server transfer! Not something else

Only suggestion I have for Funcom is to release the server transfers in stages.

  1. Release it for PvE-C/PvE/Dedicated Servers first.

  2. Work out the issues and settings for PvP server transfers to be released at a later date.

  3. And the final version release to work well with modded dedicated servers.

This way, the PvP servers will be more thought out system/settings and we PvErs have tested the system for issues and bugs.


Tbh, the only reason I’d contemplate a server transfer to Siptah is for the crafting patterns I can’t aquire on the Exiled Lands via admin. Ideally, I’d either prefer to visit Siptah, do my pattern shopping and leave or get access to the patterns on EL somehow. But I highly doubt Funcom will allow SP mode transfers.

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Oh no. I need to compress materials for storage, but not body vaults. Just the mere thought of dragonpowder having any timer would be an issue.

I have posted multiple tiems some of the higher end pvp raid resources need decay timers. Demon blood, dragon powder especially. Maybe demon blood decays into normal blood, and dragon powder into raw ash. Then at worse if you didn’t intend to stockpile l, you still have usable resource. This would balance alot of the issues with farm rate v raiding.

Honest question: why not just get rid of body vaulting? Seriously, why is body vaulting desirable and not considered an exploit?

I understand why bodies need to disappear – we don’t want servers littered with bodies of all the players who stopped playing – but why not come back naked at one of the new player spawn points? That would also get rid of the whole “someone spawned inside my base and stole everything that wasn’t nailed down” problem.


Personally, I understand that some more casual players like the idea of body vaulting so they don’t have to start from scratch, but in my opinion, the whole fact that people can body vault creates more problems than it’s worth for PvP servers. Also, I feel like it’s more immersive from a “Survival Game”–which is honestly debatable at this poont–that a sleeping character doesn’t become immortal.

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here at all. Please explain.

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I think I’m in the minority, but I’m fine waiting until the transfer allows me to go back and forth with my level 60 character. I don’t really want to lvl another character to 60 (even though I’ve done it many times on EL), I also don’t really want to explore this amazingly cool looking map as a low level.

I’ve seen a lot of videos on Siptah, and I personally think I’d enjoy myself more as a lvl 60 just running around and exploring. Everyone has a totally different play style, so its hard to say what’s most important for each person, but for me the ability to transfer back and forth and not lose any stuff is what I look forward to the most.


I fully support this conversion btw. This is exactly the conversion I envisioned for decaying DP.

You understand how to use dragonpowder, but first it needs to be crafted. We start with the raw materials and craft dragonpowder. That is 4 items into 1… “compressed”. Once crafted, there is more room to store other materials.

I agree.

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I still believe the whole leveling thing is not necessary on Conan. the perks could be learned Round the map in the villages, but as far as the actual att points, just give me all 390. The perks would be a recipe or something (not RNG). After leaned, then att system would work as it does now, needing to spend to activate.

Some MMORPGs have a system that when you are banned you get sent to the corn fields, like by a server transfer. That way, the player can still login and do things in the corn fields, but they can’t transfer back to original server until the ban is over.

You’ll still be able to “Compress” your mats into DP, as long as you refrigerate the DP. I’m in Favor of adding a special “Preservation Box” for DP specifically that looks like a barrel.

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