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There are numerous issues with Conan on PS4 that are becoming beyond frustrating. I run a PS4 server and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it.

  1. Stamina is broken. I have hard set the setting to either 0 or 0.1 in gportal and saved the game. after reboot, log in and stamina is broken, as in it drains incredibly fast, when it should be infinite. I have to reset it every time the server reboots. It is annoying.
  2. Thirst is broken. I have set thirst to as low as I feel comfortable with because the only thing that replenishes thirst is the rivers or bodies of water throughout the map. Nothing fixes this. I did a server wipe 2 weeks ago, so that is not an option, it didn’t fix anything.
  3. PSN IDs are blank in the player list.
  4. Banning is almost impossible. The player list in admin panel is completely broken, and forget about removing a player from the ban list because it doesn’t display any names as well as scrolling being broken. We have to open the player list, count the number of players until you get to the player we need to ban.Then we literally have to press down on the d-pad in the admin player list and count while the screen flashes, hoping you don’t get thrown out to a different section of the panel and have to start over. BROKEN. Whats worse than that is now the PSN IDs are not visible so when you play Russian roulette with the player list and hit X, it doesn’t tell you who you are about to ban, because there is no PSN ID.
  5. PVP building damage schedule is broken. It does not automatically switch at the times set.
  6. Message of the day always messes up when we hard set it in gportal. Yes, all of these things I am bringing up in this topic, I have opened ticket with gportal and they have stated that it is funcoms issue, not theirs. It is really annoying to be presented with the illusion that we have control over our server, but in reality we do not because all of these things that are being discussed are getting over looked by funcom, unless of course its their PC player base.

Please help with these, I am close to closing down my server and uninstalling Conan.

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I totally agree, the UI and overall “control” of the server on console is a mess.

There are a lot of things they need to ad for admins (solo or privates).

Banning support. I understand Sony blocks alot of access to the db, so G-Portal would have to help with this. I am paying them, they should at least offer this basic “protection” on my server.

Give me building pieces that can be flagged as dungeon, and have 3 settings, no damage, destroyable, or destroy/respawn. This way i could build raid bases, and make ceratin areas “doorways” that can be palyed multiple times after i design.

Give me 25 npc/beast spwans that can be set up with loot tables,a dn act as normal spawns. Right now, anything i spawn for dungeons not a clan thrall goes away at server resets.

Resource output qty. IE, the main raw resources should have a menu where i as admin, can set the 1x amount. Brimstone, Stone, Wood, Iron, Hides, All plants.

NPC level sliders
T1,T2,T3,named,beasts, mini bosses, bosses should all have their own HP and Damage sliders.

Everything i listed would allow for some creative minds to make great PVP/RP servers. And i would pay if it was a paid DLC. Only for priavte servers or SP games. Officials would not get these.


Sounds like some great ideas for server purposes.

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Hello @robwes79, welcome to the community!

We apologize for the frustration you’re going through with the server settings, the reported issues have been forwarded to the developers so that they can be looked into.

@robwes79 Hello I have a private server gportal ps4 and yes gportal site isn’t user friendly however I have had my stamina thirst and food multiplier work fine for the last year. When ever I adjust settings In gportal I check to make sure something didn’t change while in game. Witch it will do. But rarely do settings change after nightly reset. Also check Save before restarting server. Good Luck.

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Have not used the pvp timers just turn on building damage when wanted. All the materials pick up rates are grouped together and adjustable in game and on site. Sorry if I misinterpreted anything.

Thanks for the tips. I already do these. I have hard set every setting that we use in gportal and I save them before booting back up. I don’t know why but thirst is just broken. It does not matter what I do. I have research feverishly for remedies to no avail…for all of my issues.

If you want people here to help, you might say exactly what setting you changed and what you set it to.

A common mistake is to set something to 2x when 0.5 is the one that actually makes it twice as good.

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That doesn’t matter. Honestly, I need funcom to respond. Stuff is broken and no setting on our (the user) end will fix it. I’m not saying things aren’t working because of my settings, I am saying things are obviously broken, BROKEN. The only way to fix them is for funcom to patch it. The thirst stuff, whatever, not really game breaking, my players are dealing with it. The major problem is the missing PSN IDs and the broken ban list. It is very frustrating to not be able to protect my server from toxic people who have nothing better to do other than make players experience not fun. I am not the only one, I have spoken to many people about the ban list and PSN ID issues and it is a known issue. A known issue that isn’t being fixed.

The player list scroll when banning is definitely a Funcom issue, and they need to address.
The PSN ID not showing issues could be tied directly to Sony and their rules, as they are really protective of private info since years ago of the major hack and breach they had. I know G-Portal and Funcom have both stated a lot of the db stuff for PC is not available for PS4 because of Sony’s rules.


@robwes79 start a community page invite only trusted people and password protected did that for a while.

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