Map blocking dungeons and game content

My thinking would be that it would be a fairly large radius where the very edge would minimally increase the chance, with that increasing the closer inside the zone you are. You’re right that the purge meter only goes up upon building and a few other actions, however perhaps its possible that structures within these zones could be checked for at server restart and count as newly placed, or something to that effect.

I get that people will just build in that area +1 which is why I think it should be a wider radius with a minor effect if you build within the edges, but a major effect the closer you are. That way you could still build nearby if you like, but you assume that extra risk, yet walling the whole place off without assuming said risk would be a tremendous undertaking. You’re right that it’s probably too much effort to be worth though.

Without a solution though you’re just going to see more players driven away from the game, people that don’t want to start entirely over because some kids with more time than God wall off the entire map. Short of hiring a moderator team for official servers I don’t see how else this could be handled, without some kind of in-game mechanic to do it automatically.

Not exactly. The Purge meter grows all the time, even when offline. It just grows faster when you’re in-game and performing certain actions (I forget exactly which actions, but I believe it’s stuff like building something or killing someone etc).

Then whenever the server determines it’s time for a Purge, it’ll randomly pick a “structure” and hit that. Official servers go off once per hour during the Purge window I believe.

When it works, anyway. People have been reporting intermittent outages on the system. Personally I had three or four in a short span of time, then nothing since (which suited me fine since I’m fairly busy in the evenings these days).

In PvP mode, you have a couple choices. Move to a different server with your friends or knock a hole in the wall. One does not need to knock down the whole wall to get inside.

Personally, I would move to a different server. This clan sounds like a band of trolls.

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I am staying. Going to dig in and keep blowing there stuff up. We have been having a bunch of problems lately when we pvp them. Usually we win the fights but lately people have been disconnecting from our group. They are saying that their routing is going down for like 15 to twenty minutes.

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Oh also if anyone wants a challenge or wants to destroy people like this join us. Ridiculous amount of raiding to be had. They prolly have like 100 shacks that all have stuff in them

Have a read of this post from Funcom, it sounds like you might have a case to present to them. There is a link in the post to send the proof to. Good luck.

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Its a pvp server. Band together and blow this stuff up. Once you clear a dungeon or obelisk, land claim it yourself, but dont block it, just claim the area. Then they cant rebuild. We had to do this on one server because a clan started to do the same thing…so we claimed all the spots and left them open for people to enjoy.


Yeah that was our original plan but to clear each obelisk out and land claim ourself it seems like it would cost us 200 bombs. It’s not a small wall it’s a tier 3 double foundation with fencing in between the foundations. Also crenellations on the inside of the foundation so you can’t crawl out. They have clearly been free building on the server for at least 6 months to a year.

Thank you btw for the post I will try to submit and see what happens I can take screenshots of hundreds of spots that are completely in accessible

use trebuchet instead of bombs then, honestly its more fun to use treb.

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only walling off the noob area is likely to cause a ban. obelisks are fair game.

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if it was only obelisks then I wouldn’t have put up that link. However he mentioned several dungeons and some of those you need to access in order to get items to “complete” the game…which is why he might have a case to present.

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there doing this on the PC also

this is a major thing, have you and your server mates send screenshots and description of the problem to exploit hunters.

this case seems bad enough for them to take action.

While I think this behavior is obnoxious, and I do see it as abuse on PvE / PvE-C servers, I think this is fair game on PvP. If you guys cant band together to break their stuff then thats just how it is.

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PVP server you say? Not PVE? Where are your explosives and trebuchets then?


Ha im on this server and the alphas doing this only have them closed off due to this guys tribe. Oh and another self proclaimed "alpha wiper tribe that joined. Im a solo on here and all i did was ask if i could get in to certain areas and they told me why and let me in this guy is a joke. Think he is mad because his tribe keeps getting beat

So i did some digging on the handsolo (his gt about same as his name here go figure lol) guy his tribe is forsaken killers they have a main server 2807were they hold with some allies think furyans probably the ones that bost alot back in 1429 pre release. So the whole “i just want to do story with friends” is a load lol lets be honest we dont play pvp to be friends or get but hurt and cry to fourms when we get raided. Chipper up old girl take your lashings and play on your server you hold i guess

Nah they invited me to the tribe after they came in and saw the the Bs going on. I left the server and went to there server. They may be the alphas over there but everything is open. Has been a bunch of fun. Have fun posting for your clan, you guys can go back to starting at your walls all day!

Staring at your walls all day. Oh and tell your mates we found their invisible base! Is that a glitch build under the map?