Map Brightness problem

When opening the map, the brightness of the map will be dimmed when pointing at some areas with the mouse

Use your mouse to point somewhere

The brightness will be dimmed

Lia, this is a known issue and has persisted for the year I have played. Thanks for the report, but I just learned to live with it. With everything going on I doubt it will be high on the priority list.

Again, thanks for your posts and testing :slight_smile:



This isn’t a bug. The map goes dim when you point to an area that cannot be traveled to. Anything beyond the Ghost Fence, basically.


Thanks, Tempe, I just confirmed that and it is quite logical. I like the fact that after a year, there are still things to learn !



No worries. I’ve had to answer that question for folks on my private server several times.

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Thanks for your answer i already know

I think we should cancel this mode?
Because he looks a bit uncomfortable:思维:

I thought there was something wrong with my screen brightness

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