Map extension that barbarians wants!

As i play i feel the map its kinda short and would love to see more areas to explore and visit, more historic and ruins places, i suggest you making some expansion like “conan exile ATLANTIS” or something like that since atlantis is part of this history too, but maybe some water or ocean creatures like sirens, or maybe oceanic serpents. and maybe more island. i see the map have a lot of more space to add more interesting places, i hope the team works on because barbarians like to explore and travel diferent areas and the people need more space to build so please do a map extension or a new map dlc .

The map is already at the limitations the engine can support. So there really isn’t a lot of room to expand like this. They don’t use instanced stuff like World of Warcraft.

As far as the rest goes, this has been a thing for a couple weeks now.

Dagon is coming…

Every expansion location could be delivered as connected to the main location by some travel method that fits their theme. Once a travel is commenced, loading screen ensues and the new area will be assembled.

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