Map extention and trading

Hello exiles and devs,

I have two suggestions for the game;

  1. Extending highlands
  2. Trading to improve players interaction

playing the game for a long time since EA I think one of the game biggest strength is its beautiful looking world. I would love to hear any plans on extending the map further to close the gap above swamps to nothern hemisphere eg. I just love the gorgeous green areas (Swamps and Highlands). Unfortunately the highlands are pretty thin in comparison to the frozen north, south desert and the jungle. Thats why I think extending the Highlands (or green grassland) to the East would fit into the game perfectly. Could even be a place for another city like set city.

Furthermore focusing on improving pve content and better player interaction like trading via trade posts. I know people mention this alot (speaking of more pve content) thats why I wanna avoid this topic because you guys for sure have this on your radar.

But I do wanna explain my idea for trading because it could benefit soloplayers aswell as roleplayers:
I think of a building or placeable (trading post) you can craft which allows you to offer items and goods that can be bought or traded if someone is willing to pay your set price (other goods youre seeking for or in gold/silber) and vice versa (seeking for an item) - even offline.

With such thing like trading I could imagine a big market place in a new city where people can met on one place with a small mobile trading post (size of a working bench eg) which can disassembled back to the inventory. Altough the more realisitc usability of trading probably is via trading post you pitch in fornt of your building accessable for other players and travellers.

I know this won’t be a core mechanic but it could be a nice nieche and forcing more player/clan interaction on role play servers for example.

Thanks for reading


Neet trading idea!


Love the trading idea. I had a similar idea running thru my head for map rooms and such. The owning clan could put the price that it would cost to use map room. To use said ports, people would have to pay the asking price (can be set to nothing, and allow for public map rooms still). Each port could have different prices as well.


They have mentioned that the exiled lands will not get any larger. So the next logical step is a new map.

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