Map feels small, knowing it by head



I noticed as i know the map by head and in detail now, it feels so small.

I remember walking in the jungle for instance when it was launched and it was like BIG and i did not know where to go without the map.

Now it’s peanuts navigating.

Shame in the sense that i liked the unknown enviroment feeling wandering about.

Just babbling , have a cool day :slight_smile:


I think that’s an issue with any game you play. In GW2, every time a new map comes out (every 3 months or so), I always think when I first get to that new zone “OMG THIS PLACE IS HUGE!!!”. Within a week, it takes me 30 seconds to get across once I figure out all the shortcuts. Its a bummer to not have the sense of newness of a new area, but on the bright side at least you know where all the ideal farming spots are :smiley:


Ahhhhhhhhhh… GW2… I wish FC could make a deal with Arenanet and let them help with Conan Exiles.


That’s how I am with Lord of the Rings Online. I always think a new area is huge and when I learn it, it seems small.

Even with Skyrim I have that issue. I know that place frontwards and backwards.


As long as they don’t include 8-bit graphics. That was so annoying and immersion-breaking.


Man I ain’t played GW2 in forever!!! Great game. Yeah the map is small in CE. A new area would be nice to explore!


My biggest issue with returning to skyrim! Every time I enter a cave, I say to myself “I know this place”.


I don’t play nearly as much as I used to since I started modding in Conan Exiles, but I do try and stop in every few months for the latest episode. Story is just so great. Which I know is off topic, but whatever.


Hahaha yeah, that was indeed annoying, super adventure box was the name I think.


I still have nightmares of super adventure box! They still do it every year.


start walking everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: doesnt seem that small anymore then :stuck_out_tongue: restrict yourself to not use map room ever again XD


Beeing in ce from 02 2017 , i walked the map thousands of times, Obi’s , maprooms are this new thang, players used to complain about the walking,

Only walking makes one really know the map in detail imo.


With any luck, Funcom will eventually release a paid expansion with some new map and other exiting stuff… though they’d have to stabilise and ‘finish’ the base game first…


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