Map Notes Help (where to find data)

This is probably going to seem like a weird request, but the way the map notes are displayed between computers had me thinking about the interacting of each individual’s map and the notes they may use on them seem different between computers. Is there a way I can stream-line some map note data from one PC, to another PC (let’s face it if you’ve been through 3 zones with maps & suddenly you switch to a PC that doesn’t have the same data, you might not feel like putting in that data again). It is a little unlikely you’d do too many quests over again, but sometimes you might need more AP/SP, and everyone has their fav stories or characters, so it is possible you need to consult your own notes (esp. on side-quests).

What files or folders would I need to copy, to replicate map note data (there’s a lot of files in the folder, so I wanted to make sure I know what I’m looking for)? I always liked the idea of making my own notes or tips on the map (for instance, when one is finishing up the savage coast area & moving into Blue Ridge, I had to leave myself a note, to go back to Red’s & pick up his quest). If you take another quest while on his mission, even if you pause it, you usually have to go back to pick up his mission. And in Blue Ridge, it’s very helpful to put the Orochi gate code on your map. Anyway, that’s what I like to use the notes for, but I guess everyone might use it differently. I wasn’t sure exactly what forum was appropriate for this topic, but I figured it’s just one of those questions that not a lot of people ask. I figured someone would know. Thanks.

First, make sure you can view hidden folders.

Then C-Drive/Users/[Your profile’s name]/AppData/Funcom/SWL/Prefs/[Your SWL Username]/Waypoints

Copy the entire folder and place wherever you need it.