MAP suggestion and HOW TO fix it

Since EA there’s bug when you open map (M) key it freezes game for 2-3 seconds so You are very vulnerable to anything especially on PvP servers. On such map there’s need to check direction so it happens a lot.

Why it happens? It’s trying to load marks from server which takes a while.

How to fix it? SIMPLE: Save marked locations on player side, not on server side!
So no more lags when pressing M! There’s more! Server performance will RISE!

Really it have to be stored on each server? No - there could be directory in setting files for marked locations for each server, so you have them on all servers.

  • Upsides of such solution:
    No more 2-3 seconds of lag each time You open map by pressing M key.
    Server performance will increase with that simple solution.
  • Cons of such solution:
    When You change PC you will lost marks (I think its fair sacrifice for that fix)

Please share your thoughts.

Mhm the map not only shows landmarkers , but the other clans T3 shrines , and other things like when someone craft a god token , you can see on the map a token ( like the ones from T3 shrines ) locating the player , if you store this client side , how do you acheive this last mechanic ? ( I get that for the T3 shrines the map could be "updated upon login " but it still would have to be stored server side also )

and on siptah there is even more dynamic events like the storm and the wild surges …

just pointing out things , I am not saying I’m against improving the lag when you open your map !!


Well good You said that coz i missed that but it’s up to them to find workaround, for examples:

  • make only shrines / god token server sided, rest client sided - that way only few things needs to load, so it probably won’t be lagging.
  • all basic marks client sided, give OPTION to disable shrines loading or BUTTON to load shrines locations on map instead of trying to load everytime when i open map.

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