Mariska's Devotion (South Africa boss champion)?

According to TSW database, Mariska’s Devotion spawns around 605,720 in SA. I’ve never seen it, though, and I do the quests (night and day) often. One needs to do the mission Wrath of Dawn which I’ve done (it’s checked off in my achievements). Is there something else I’m supposed to do to get this mob to spawn?


I believe that champion only spawns during the Wrath of Dawn quest. It’s not a case of having completed the quest, you have to be doing that quest and inside the instance.


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This is right! There are a few legends and enemies that only spawn on certain missions, so try a different mission if you can’t get something where you are supposed to get it.

Thanks for the advice. So, anyone remember how we got the Wrath of Dawn mission lol.

Think that’s one of the missions you start in the warehouse with the agartha portal in SA.

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