Massive changes coming

So you wanted an update, here it comes

A new game experience that looks really cool

I personally cant wait. It’s going to help players in many ways plus a better looks to your builds.

Can’t wait.

Vanity mirror, thats all I have to say (dances)

Yo Devs here is my question.

Will everyone get a feat respec free without penalty?
All the 60s that have already spent their points.

Yes, it will cost you up to 10 yellow lotus flowers.


Devkit updated 10 minutes ago. I think we’re gonna see many of these changes go live soon.

I don´t understand why they need to split the new t3 in 2 benches instead of just having only one that is really worth building. Make it expensive or let people choose different designs for their bases, I don´t care, but this splitting stuff is nonsense. And when they are adding new stations, why didn´t they do a work bench for building pieces or one that unifies all decoration pieces? Its highly needed if you like to buy all the dlcs.

So they fixed everything in the base game I paid full price for? They even have spare time to add useless stuff, great!

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What penalty?

Glad they didn’t add a building station. I would absolutely hate having to run back and forth to a workbench when I’m building large structures.

There could be another option to help with menu clutter, like adding a dedicated building piece tab to the UI.

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Changes are vanity changes and they actually complicated some of the stations by splitting the stations like cauldron into two so where you had one before you now have to have two to do the same thing. And then make the stations larger for what ever reason.

Why they want to complicate stuff like this is baffling. How game breaking were the stations that they had to add on these smoke and mirror changes.

These are not changes they are shiny things to distract you with.

All in all meh to the changes coming.

How game breaking was it to catch fish passively? - not much at all.

I am a minimalist, I don’t build gigantic castles with multiple workstations. So in order to upgrade to the newer ones I will have to completely rebuild. That’s a bit annoying…but I still like shiny things. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: shiny

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