Massive delay/freeze in character action after knockdown recovery (can’t attack or move, just dodge, this is after recovery off ground)

So I’ve noticed there are some knockdown effects that completely freeze your character (not the attack itself) this is after you’ve stood back up and recovered, your character just stands there , can’t attack can’t move or anything, only dodge fixes this.

Now what’s bad with this is some of these knockdown enemy’s will spam their knock down attack repeatedly, and since only dodge breaks this weird freeze issue it can screw you over badly, and with this delay they can preform multiple knockdown without allowing the player to recover, a good example is the werewolf’s and probably the worst for spamming knockdowns

If you ask me all enemy’s need at least a cool down for their knockdown attacks to stop them from spamming them

And also this delay AFTER we’ve stood up and recovered is pretty bad, i mean we’ve already stood up and recovered and that takes long enough, please look into this recovery delay after knockdown attacks

Whatever they tried to do with 2.5, it totally screwed up everything to do with NPC combat. No crowd control works ATM and NPCs/mobs just hit thru your defenses.
This is why I stopped playing and am in refresh mode only. If they do not fix it soon, I will just move on and let everything decay.
This has to be the worst game change ever. This is what happens when a bunch of “noob” programmers and managers take over a game that was supposed to be in its “polishing” phase.


Polishing phase is actually the last third of game development time. This would’ve been testlive from 2017 to 2018. :wink:

This one’s pretty recent tho, never had the freezing character after a knockdown until 2.5, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the new animations and is not being able to cancel them, hell my pick ace sometimes half swing and stops on its first swing sometimes since 2.5 :joy: this freeze is hopefully a bug they’ll fix

@Ignasi hey not sure if any of you have been made aware of this one i mentioned

Enemy’s with big knock down attacks cause character to freeze for a couple seconds after they have stood up from knockdown, you can’t move or attack and only a dodge will break this (this is after we’ve stood up and recovered after the long recovery off the ground itself) and with this most of these enemy’s that can do this attack go into another knockdown attack right away before you can even recover from the freeze after getting up

Enemy’s that do it almost every time

  • anything that has really hard hitting knockdown does it to the character

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