Massive delay in renderting and interactions with objects/chest thralls inventory since last patch on US_2 Pve -C

Since latest patch there have been slow rendering and major delay when interactings with anything or movements.

start moving delay then all of saddened 40 paces from starting location.

Open chest or thrall inventory and about a 10 second delay basically freezes game until render is finished or inventories/doors ect open.

I relogged game and still the same. Thing is I am the only one on server 80% of the time and got High activity message when pulling up the server With Nobody on at all.

Even clicked maproom and ended up where I wasn’t trying to go.

There is also a sound delay when fighting I jab with polearm or preditor blade and no sound for several seconds before sound starts.

I just rebooted router and my computer to make sure it wasn’t on my end and it is still same making game unplayable unfortunately.

Also the heavy breathing bug popped up the last round before reboot.

I think server would need a restart.
Nothing really more you can do. That’s a common issue with the testlive-servers. They make still some performance tests over the long run and avoid to restart servers.

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