Massive FPS drop in cave and other areas

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: [FPS Drop Performance | Misc]
Region: The Cavern of Fiends, Death Shadow Camp (Dafari Camp), The Dregs


I just wanted to report a couple of areas that give me hard frame drops. I noticed when I entered The Dregs my game was stuttering a bit.

Another area I noticed was the region around the Death Shadow Camp (Dafari Camp) and pretty much the sand dune area that is filled with hyena, scorpions and ostriches. (I just want to mention the anxiety I was given during the moment of running away from a scorpion at 1 FPS) XD

The worst area was The Cavern of Fiends. As soon as I entered it wasn’t even worth trying to get out, I basically had to wait several minutes in order to just hit esc, remove bracelet and spawn elsewhere. Mind you I had to force close my game with alt F4.

The areas that I don’t have an issue with is the desert spawn area, the shattered bridge, the pond that is east by north east from the shattered bridge with crocodiles and where I found the “alpha” crocodile or boss crocodile. and along the river banks.

Thanks everyone, hopefully there will be a fix for this soon. More than likely my potato just can’t handle the shadows in the cave and need to wait for future patches. I really really REALLY enjoy this game from what I have played. As someone who has played Ark: Survival Evolved for 495 hours and struggled with all the bugs. I highly praise Conan Exiles, and I love everything you can do in the game thus far. ( I have a couple of friends that have progressed futher than me because of my limitations and really want to continue playing with them.)

Or if there are console commands that can help fix this please advise.