Massive Issue - Dead with no Explanation, Rhyme or Reason

Game mode: Online
Problem: BUG
Region: [NA 1808 Server]

Logged out in our Wheelhouse Base in the Volcano, came back 1 hour later. Logged back in on my bed in the Savannah. Loss of Everything.

Had on Silent Legion Armor with 30 in Vitality - NOT HEAT RELATED
Logged out in 4 sided cube building with square foundations and Ceiling - NOT PLAYER RELATED
Logged out for 1 hour - NOT DECAY RELATED

Important Items lost
T4 Taskmaster - Manos The Handful
T4 Fighter - Lian
Legendary Weapon - Love Tap
Legendary Shield - Shield of Kutamun
Legendary Truncheon - Love Tap
2 Hander - Telith’s Sorrow
Armor Set - Silent Legion
Tools - All Obsidian

Numerous other Mats I had collected and on my person

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to Volcano
2.Make a Base
4.Log Back in to find yourself dead and Naked


I have seen other players reporting a similar issue… The explanations (or theory crafting) I’ve seen thus far pertain to the possibility that the vitality perks and set bonuses are not working while we are offline and our characters are asleep. So with those problems, it would make it heat related. Definitely game breaking bugs if those are the case.


I hear you.

In contrast - My base is in the Savannah. I created my bedroom at the top of one of the towers. It is Heatstroke level heat in there 24hrs a day. I logout there every night when I’m done for the day.

Nothing like this ever happens.

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The best solution is simple. Never play on a server where you remain in game while logged out. I want to die in game play.

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I can understand what you are saying, tho I personally feel that it fits the survival genre. I personally like the fact that you cannot log out just anywhere. What I abosultely do not like however is dying because of a bug. Also since I moved my logout location I never had this problem again.


I tend towards PVP MP servers. If I die I want it to be in game play, not because I had to go spend time in RL. Being slaughtered while comatose (off line) fits no genre, it’s just a reminder that its a computer game. If my base is waxed while I’m off line, well, ok. I guess I just wasn’t there. But where ever I go, there I am.

Does this happen EVERY time? Have you tried this again to see if it really is repeatable?

In a small cube, when you log off, sometimes a leg or head will poke through the wall and enable players or mobs to kill or look you.

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Well, I can totally try again. The cube houses a greater wheel of pain. I logged out 1 foundation from all walls.

With SL gear on I don’t go above Hot in that location.

Also no map tombstone.

Did your whole base disappear?

Nope just me. I died. Everything else is in stil the same.

Please repeat it for the sake of sorting this sh*ty bug out or get at least an answer to what case you lose your stuff!

It seems as if when you’re unconscious in game, the game completely ignores your perks and armor. So you died of heatstroke because of it. I’ve learned not to log out up north in either of two outposts, one for black ice, one for gold because of it.

I’ve had the same issues as you, except when it happens to me I log back in naked in the desert and whatever I had on me is gone and irretrievable. No corpse in the base to loot.

So unfortunately, the solution until it’s fixed, is to log out in a base that’s not affected by temperature.


Yeah, the vitality perk doesnt work when offline, so if you get to extremely hot, you can die while offline. Its a pain in the butt, thats for sure…it happens to me in my base depending on the armor I wear.

Easy solution? Take all your inventory and throw it in a chest before you log off.

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Yes I started doing that now. Everything goes into a chest before I knock myself out and log off. This really needs to be looked into. As it is very annoying.

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It sounds like it’s a bug related to the volcano and frozen north areas.
OP mentioned that their base is in a heatstroke area in the savannah, usually logs off from their base, and still alive and intact when they log back in. So it seems like the armour and vit perk are working while logged out.
Just not in the frozen north and volcano.
Could be interesting to reproduce it again, OP, and test against heatstroke spots in the dessert.

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This works too, thing is you still have to work your way back up to that base anyway, and depending where it is, how close to obelisk, how many enemies in the path, etc… it can be a pain trying to go back there with minimal equipment or naked.

Only reason why I say to log out somewhere not affected by temperature.

Not in a chest which is sitting on a wedge mind. :grin:


Something similar started happening on our private server. Our players are logging off and after a couple of hours they lose all items…

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yep as Ceridian sayed i have lost legendary item’s i wont cry couse i can make any other items but that is a bug and you must repair that or u gonna lose many of players

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