Massive lag only after patch 3.0

Platform: PC
Game Mode: Online official
Issue Type: Performance
Server Type: PvP
Region: US
Mods: No
Storefront: Steam

Bug Description:

Massive Lag and Rubberbanding

Bug Reproduction:

Moving of any kind and random spike lag

I want to report this problem as well: I started the game 15 mins ago and it’s still lagging. I can’t even exit my house.

I just bought the battle pass so I’d really like to play. Please fix this asap.


Ok I’ve had enough now. I’ve been playing for 20 minutes and couldn’t even exit my fu**in home.
And no it’s not the ping or my connection: the ping was “only” 79 when I logged in.

I’ll put this plain and simple: either you solve this lag problem or you should give money back !

You should refund the whole game, actually, since you made it unplayable, but I’ll set for just the battle pass being refunded.

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