Master Stone Carver Feat

I have several dependencies in my feat list for Master Stone Carver. I’m just wondering where to find the feat itself - (don’t spoil it if it’s gained through exploration). I’m wondering if it’s automatically granted and a mod I’m using has over-written it somehow, or if it’s part of a DLC, or if it’s found through exploration.

If it os dependant on a dlc it will be shown in your feats with the green arrow on it. But I have a feeling it might be obtained from the archives. If you don’t know about the archives I guess you have some exploring to do :+1:

“Riddle of Steel” dlc, if I’m seeing it correctly. Least according to the wiki.

Would seem so, yeah.
The Conan, Subotai and Valeria statues.
Big and small too, if I’m not mistaken.

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