Material bug that disappeared without a trace

good night last night around 00:50 i was in the trainer’s lackey area we kept on the edge of the humpback boss making a construction for the wheel of pain and for the map with materials from the most recent dlc so far so good. before going to sleep I kept everything I had in my character’s body with the greatest care in 2 iron chests of construction material in one and the other random stuff. I locked the chests and logged out near the chests inside a closed area. today at around 19h after arriving home from work i entered the game to continue the construction that had not finished yesterday but the problem was that the chest with all the construction material was empty in the records it did not appear that no one had taken anything so much others players as clan members. we are talking about very 15mil hardened brick features among other things. I’m super annoyed with the situation in 4 years that I’ve played conan I’ve never gone through a situation like this and I’d like you to solve this for me because it’s not like that… we lost hours of our lives to play a game to farm etc and all of a sudden everything disappears without trail… only the bau was left there… if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it because, for the menus, a justification I think I deserve

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