Matt crea Memory Cell - GMI

Anybody noticed that MC memory cells don’t seem to be available in GMI or do they just have an unorthodox name that done follow suit to the rest of the memory cells?

Is this a known bug or am I just searching the wrong name?

Seems all others can be searched under “Memory Cell”.

If you look up Matter Creations Memory Cell on aoitems and turn on Verbose mode, it shows it has ItemClass Weapon. I suspect that’s the problem. It doesn’t show up under weapons either though, so GMS probably looks at more things.

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Ah, well spotted. Didnt know about that setting. Thanks.

Its really weird that MC is weapon when the ItemClass of the rest are “None”.

I just noticed you can find it under Hud/Utils/Deck :slight_smile: Lots on GMS too, 200k for the cheapest.

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