Max Oblivion (Fresh Server) 6/7 x5 XP x3HA [PC]

If you want to wonder in the wilds, build a one of a kind base and be the savage all you want to be, please feel free to visit our newly refreshed opened server. Some few important details are listed below with regards to the server.

*Admins - yes, there will be admins monitoring the server.
*Rules - yes, there are rules strictly enforce in-game.
*Discord Channel - yes.
*Server Rates:
Experience - x5
Harvest - x3
For all regions, however 200 ping and below are only allowed.
Nudity - full

For more details or server settings, you can view it in-game. The server is fresh so we suggest you get started, hop into the server, find best locations to build base before other take the spot. You can always contact admins via discord channel which can be found in the server. Thank you and enjoy!!!