Maximum aggro per player

Please add max aggro for enemy npc and monster per player , as solo player i stand no chance on low lvl vs big turtles!! 5-6 is too much !! the same with crocks , come on , 2-3 at the time is max i can do without making it dark souls game and archers , omg when i attack camp solo , all i do is step back pulling npc 1 by 1 but when 3 archers aggro on me and 2-3 fighters all i can do is run away , come on…

When I aggro melee and archers simultaneously, I try to put boulders, trees, buildings between me and the archers will working on the melee. The archers are a lot smarter now and will actually try to walk around the obstacles to get clear line of sight. Still, if you are fast enough, you can take out the melee while the archer is coming around to you. You can then charge the archers. If you have no obstacles then try to keep enemy’s melee between you and the archers.


i didn’t ask for tips , i make a suggestion about max player aggro , i know how to fight npc dont worry but try to fight 5-6 crocks on lvl 10-15 , that;s what i mean

So, you’re asking for the game to have a cap on how many npcs will attack you at any given time? Like if the cap was 3, and 5 crocs were hanging out, 2 of them would wait their turn?

That would make it like a kung fu movie, where everyone attacks the hero one at a time.

The world is supposed to be dangerous. Crocs are supposed to eat your low level ■■■. It’s more strange if you get the attention of someone in the camp and his buddies DON’T come help. That said, it is very possible, with only iron weapons available in the 10 to 15 range, to handle a half dozen crocs or entire Dafari camps.

Not easy, you’ll get hurt, but it’s possible.


Well u are 100% right :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re moving too quickly through places and drawing too much attention to yourself. When I’ve played, I’ve also been moving cautious. Very rarely have I had to deal with situations like you describe and only when I didn’t notice enemies nearby.

And to offer a piece of military advice, never retreat into untraveled territory. Always retreat back the way you came. The technique works in games, too, as ‘respawns’ of anything you killed along the way take time before they show up again.


To be fair, though, on more than one occasion I have seen a “herd” of six crocodiles marching down the river. Not something you was expect to see. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile::crocodile::crocodile::crocodile: :dizzy_face:

I’ve never seen a “herd” of crocodiles like you describe. At most, I’ve only encountered a “pair”. Maybe I’ve been fortunate, but I would actually welcome a roving patrol of hostiles to ‘liven’ things up.

While “herds” or rather, basks of crocodiles don’t spawn, it is possible for a large group of them to be aggregated by some cheeky player and left outside of a friends front door.

They should reduce an aggro range on that. It’s ok to have creatures nearby, but it’s hard to start out when you have mobs attacking you without a way to sneak around them.

Sneak?!! This is “Conan”. You should be saying to yourself, “Today, is a good day to die!” (I’m sure that’s an original Conan quote… really). :wink:

Embrace your “inner” barbarian!


LoL. Today is not a good day to die when you are trying to survive your way out of a desert with 5 crocs, 6 hyenas and 12 turtle dudes chasing after you as you attempt to build your first base with nothing but a rock pick and paper armor.

A month later when you have a castle, thralls, and phat lewtz, then it is a good day to die.


Human NPCs attack you only 4 at a time:

Animals don’t think, they react. Will try to swarm and pile up just to get to you. I don’t think the problem here lies with aggro but more with a body detection between animals - they can walk inside one another pretending to be a single entity.

Well I saw up to five on one spot (range of maybe 2 foundations) as well.
Do you happen to know that one exile camp with 3 fighters north of newbie river, where that one “river” is split off/joining it? There I have seen 5 crocs attacking those 3 thralls several times now. It’s quite fun to mingle in with fiber/stone daggers… :smiling_imp:

I think it’s fine for wildlife finally being dangerous. Not talking about some random black rhino like earlier. :wink:
And those cubs… cuties!

Ehhh? But I wanna run around pulling them one after another, kiting them around while eating insects and slowly poking them down is just a hassle… Meaning even sneaky, cowardly ways of being an barbarian exist. Though even the “sneaking” ones might go mad and rush into that mass while in a frenzy… :heart:

Wow that never happened to me. O.O Dont really like that… If one adds a whole village, that whole village should attack one…