Maximum dragonpowder if you fill Alchemist?


This is a simple math problem, i cant figure it out.

If you want to make MAX dragonpowder at your alchemist, how much you need of each?

I mean, if you fill all aviable slots.

Like: 3k crystal -> 200 demon blood -> 3k Brimstone -> 10k steelfire

How do i make the most out of it? :smiley:

Like when i do steelfire i make 5k of tar and 5k of brimstone, but its easy math because its 1x1.

Some people must know this einstein sick math problem i have.

my solution will be 270 dragon powder in an improved firebowl cauldron with a t4 alchemist:

1350 brimstone + 6750 crystal + 270 demon blood + 13500 steelfire


I love you, and i hope you will have af wonderfull weekend.


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