May 8 release , what time in each time zone

To allow people the opportunity to get time off from work to pour themselves into the game , it would be great to have an expected time of release on May 8 . If it comes out at 12:01 am in a time zone then people will want the 8th off but if it is a 5:00 pm release in their time zone they may just need to leave work early that day and not need to burn a vacation day for May 8.


I appreciate your question. I have asked the same question. I got a useful answer from an experienced player that launches generally occur globally at 00:01 A.M. GMT. It would be 7:00 P.M. on Monday, May 7 EST in the US if that happens, not May 8.

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Oh so May 8th is the release date? I did not know that.

May 8 Oslo time. It could be May 7 in the western hemisphere.

@Funcom_Community Hey could be nice to have an answer on this

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As we approach May 8, I think more people will wake up about this issue. The devs may address it in a final newsletter before launch. If not, I will probably log on the the game around 5:00 P.M. May 7 CST and just run around killing things until the server shuts down and the launch begins. will be prepared to order out for pizza. it will probably be a long Monday night and a long Tuesday.

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