Maybe a sollution for lost thrall

This sollution isnt 100% going to bring back everything , but .
If they were to give everyone 65 potions to instant level thralls .
For 1 week .Tier 4 thralls have 10x spawning rates .
Crafting times are taken off . Materials have 15x gathering upgrade .
The hard part is going to be all the legendary armour and weapons . Dont know a sollution for that . Ive lost 34 legendary weapons from opening about 300 chests, so thats a tough one and people on my server people have built bases around them .
Stop purge for a week.
And that way people who have played over the weekend dont lose the last 3 days.
Not ideal but whats happened isnt.
What’s everyone think.
All views welcome.

Fire the person who changed it. Only solution that’s needed to keep the community happy. They shafted the players.


I didn’t lose thralls. I’m out here farming for the three clans I know that did. Bought about 50 Momentums from turning in crystals, making heavy padding like it’s my job, and here in a bit the mammoths on our server are going to get tired of seeing my face. There is a lot I can’t replace though.


meybe i dont have time to play that week? so im left out?

No, the only solution is a backtracking of servers. How to compare a farming weekend to months, years for most of us?

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I don’t have thel faintest clue about the technicalities involved in the rollback of so many servers, but if it is doable, that’s the best solution.
I wasn’t even playing the game and I don’t keep old bases, gear, thralls and what have you. I don’t have a horse in this race, so to speak, but it’s the decent thing to do. FUNCOM needs accountability. They need to fix what they broke. It’s that simple. If that is not possible, then we can consider alternatives.


Agreed. I’d rather my farming be a fool’s errand than people losing thralls that can’t be replaced.

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Solution is roll back servers affected to 1/9 when the idiot who was supposed to press 10 on decay timer pressed 1

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The only alternative is to stop playing this game.
Like many of you I like this game, I have been on it since 2019 I have unfortunately experienced “accidents” due to bugs which are still present today, I lost a base of several hundred square meters, following the implementation food for the NPCs, I lost dozens of NPCs due to famine (on vacation at the time and not notified by Funcom of changes to the settings).
Despite all these drawbacks, I continue to play and pay for DLC .

I am like a lot of you continue to provide my support to FUNCOM.
The "accident of the Nemedian foundations and Funcom’s response has this tragic affair my enormously disappointed, now another " accident " occurs and this time retains our enslaved NPCs, the only appropriate response from FunCom is a rollback .

If this company cares about one of them can be of its customers and respect, they not other choice.

Ofc it’s doable, since they have done it before. But I doubt they will do it, since there been bigger issues than this that needed a roll back

bigger issues?? thousands of hours of working your slaves, resources I can’t even count and hard-earned rare items lost by mistake

You know Funcom isn’t capable of implementing anything like this.

Damn man I want those aesir berserkers also. Cimmerian tamers has them. Probably other purges also.

You’re doing the Lord’s work, friend. :innocent:

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This doesn’t give my Siptah hound back which was gifted to my by a friend on EL.

I lost 60 thralls in total on the 2 servers I play on…

60 x 5 pieces of epic armour all dyed and all upgraded (300 pieces). You have no idea how game breaking it is to do this all over again because they made a dumb error… let alone the rarer thralls I’ve lost. IT TOOK ME ****ING 2 WEEKS NON STOP GRINDING FOR EINA THE LIGHT.


I’m sorry but I’m so pissed… the Nemedian issue was already bad, this one is even worse and affects all players!

I demand a roll back. No compensation.

Making a special item given to folk in specific quantifies like a potion to instant level thralls up, Isn’t a bad idea tbh, Little bit more involved than simply doing a rollback.

I’m hoping they do another 20x bonus on Battlepass.

I just wish they would delay it till after Chapter 2 is live.

Hard to say what exactly they’ll do. We can predict what they’ll do based on past issues and how they’ve gone about it. For example the rollback should have happened within 12/24 hours of this happening, not waiting a whole weekend until Monday to get to team together and then discuss the issue. Any admin worth their salt would have instantly pulled the servers and done a 24 hour reroll back to fix the issue. The situation then would have been resolved and the weekend would have carried on like normal.

No roll back no login

So? This is just one of many mistakes by funcom. I dont understand why people has been accepting it.

In 2 weeks people will be forgetting this stuff and just moved on.