Maybe funcom is worried about gearing

They could add +5 to current red max level and scale appropriately. Like right now everything ends up to 50% less (cooldowns, abilities, etc.) Just factor that in. Keep it at 50% and just keep the need for max to stay at the 50% cap scaling it to +5 everytime they want to gear increase.

This wouldn’t be a band-aid but a full-featured fix to future gearing concerns.

I spent a couple weeks thinking about “future gearing” for SWL and I honestly think this would be the best approach going further.

EDIT: Keep in mind too that the +5 red could be a great anima shard consumer in the process. :slight_smile:

Adding more levels onto the mind-numbing, boring grind is exactly the worst possible idea in terms of making an atrocious gear system any more appealing to anyone but, presumably, Scott Junior, and the three or so players who still don’t get why most people prefer games where it is fun to try out cool new toys without having to suffer through the entire insane grind again.


Are you suggesting people get there stuff nerfed every time they add 5 new red levels just to stay at the same values they had before?

Yeeeeah…definitly not the best idea. At least if you want no lynchmob.

There are issues with the gearsystem but I seriously don’t thing they are in the lack of levels.
I would put it more in things like the inflexibility for getting a new weapon up without major setback and changing stuff on the fly.
Also the fact that offhand weapons become in most instances outclassed by the mainhand and just start loosing reason to exist apart from pure utility.

This is where you went wrong.


[citation needed] :v:


Maybe funcom is worried about gearing

I think Funcom stopped worrying about SWL and moved on.


Why do we need a “fix” for gear?

Future gearing for what?
Maxed out purple gear is good enough for the whole story, and that is not even halfway through the gear grind.
You will run out of things to do in the game long before all your gear is maxed out, so what would be the point of making further gear grind possible, let alone actually do the grind?

Any future story mish’s/content updates.

I’m saying they may be worried about adding in new mish packs that content locusts would just eat up in a few hours. The +5 levels would actually require them to continue to grind again.

I don’t know. I feel they gave too much of the game away for free personally. They should have made the AH the center for skillups and gearing not giving 3+ damn rewards for a single mish. And then add in 70 red levels altogether on top of it.

I think there should be 25 levels for every color. Then do a stat crunch. Then start from there going forward.

I think you’re out of your mind if you’re suggesting that Funcom should design future content to require maxed out gear.

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No but you see if they made it so that free players couldn’t progress through the story without first grinding billions of item xp then that would teach them a valuable lesson of some kind, I’m sure :v:

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Kinda feeds the idea of multiple alts + content locust theory lol.

I wonder what happens first to me: Max gear or 100 million anima shards XD
Like if new content would require max gear I would be undergeared for it…not sure if there is even a f2p-only char further than me on it.

I genuinely have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

Easy but bad? Why do we need any changes to the gear in the first place?

I’m doubtful gear is the main issue why people stop playing

I meant specifically the comment about “multiple alts + content locust theory”.

@Pilchenstein Aww it’s ok. :hugs: You try to call me out for something I play the card and you whine lol.

Anyhow, I was referencing the fact that if they wouldn’t add in more levels to gear or talis the content itself would be eaten up in minutes or hours. You know people are all “argh. I don’t want to grind more in this game” (while having 10 alts or more…) They would still eat up and feel a necessity to timesink for all the items for +5 levels needed or not. Problem solved for the full time gamers.

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Personally I think they should do a stat crunch and limit quest rewards to a maximum of 2. And then work on initiating the +5 to red levels from here on out.

Are you sure you’re responding to the right person? :v: