Maybe something We Need?

Goldmine .
Something to ride on camel or something.
Lower price on the Stones you make maprooms of.
New type of light with red or green flame or something. Coming back for more suggestions soon:)

I dont mind gold being rare from Ob-stone. (thou i farm higher level npc’s for gold coins)

Maproom… to me the 200stones was a goal of sorts. Slowly collect everything, by time i unlock it, its never that bad. To me anyway. XD
Radiaum Torches (or maybe it was wizard fire) I forgot… you can place dyes on them to change colors, Some work better then others.

I use glow stick most of time…but one of other 2 later ones can be dyed.

Same, I also have habit of walking…

I’ve always want a stone that return you to your bedroll/bed that uses the corrupt stones, etc. 50+ or so. (has be out of combat, and maybe you kneel and pray to it for 10-20seconds, so pvp peeps cant return home like sissies. =p)
To me, getting to location empty isnt so much issue… its walking back at 99% that drives me batty. XD
I’ll find a chest atop ledge… have drop some stuff for gold bar. LOL.

If you forgot the enc perk, doing the old man walk and roll to base. LOL. And on PVP to boot. nothing more nerve wracking!!!

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