Me and My clan mate lost both our bases due to lost stability


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
**Region: Oceania
Hardware: Im using series S, clan mate is using series X

Bug Description:

This is on official Oceania server 2948. We had a pillar base at Deathwhisper ruins on exiled lands and a cave base at the cave down in the river. Also a thrall wheel in the river. I was offline. Clan mate was running back to his base when frame rate dropped suddenly. As he dropped into his cave base everything was gone apart from some lootbags on the floor. Think he got 1 lootbag everything else disapeared. He informed me my pillar base was gone. Everything in it gone. High tier Thralls, mats.

Steps to Reproduce:

I wont be reproducing as I am not going to build another base for it to disappear again. Unless we can be reimbursed and atleast our loot given back to us, then I wont be playing the game anymore. Is there any compensation for this bug?


Funcom does not reimburse in game materials for anything. Sorry this happened, Id be ticked off if my stuff just poofed from a bug too.

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Looks like in the log it was actually deleted by admin. While one of us was online…No communication at all… I wonder what we did to deserve that.

Oh wow. Well in that case you need to submit a ticket to Zendesk here on the forums and ask them why

Your base must have been “to big” by the lack of definition or verbal insult from communication. Players try to provoke or have you self incrimdiate

Greetings @Arnold2g,

Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket via Zendesk and provide relevant information such as character names, servers you’ve played on, and clans you were part of.

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

The same problem in older post…

over on 2880 4 clans(afaik) mine included all lost our bases and all of our belongings as a result. Again, happened while my clan-mate was online…

My clan had 3 bases, 2 semi-big and one thrall-wheel outpost hundreds of hours or work just gone without explanation.

Imagine police showing up to a noise complaint and just shooting the offender without any explanation and just leaving. That’s how ludicrous this is to me.

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I know the feeling without warning. I had the samething happen to my base that I been on for three years without expanding.

@Mayra I have read the terms and conditions. I have appealed the ban on Zendesk.

I did not break any of the rules. Ymir on Zendesk said my clan was banned for Claim spam. This is just not true. I had 3 pillars at deathwhisper with footpaths going from my central elevator shaft. I was building the pillars up for my other shrines as my main base already had a T3 shrine. I run the footpaths out so the pillars are all the same height and I can run horizontal elevators. There was ample room if someone wanted to setup a trebuchet, I was not trying to stop people from doing that nor was I trying to stop people building.

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Thank you for letting us know your case was addressed. We’ll proceed with closing this thread now since this is not the proper venue for this. If the subject must be discussed further make sure to talk with our team over at Zendesk.

Thank you for understanding.