Me and my freinds put this in suggestion but this seems to be more of a gfx sacling issue with the new DLC and horses. so its more of a bug issue

issue make a horse make a stable put horse in stable

horse to large clips through the stables horse needs to be resized to fit end result horses look god awfull in stables and we players should not have to build ugly two story buildings just to fit a horse thats dumb.

this is a gfx clipping issue due to imporper scaling of one added in creature in world so ether all walls have to be rescaled to higher height or the horse needs to be rescaled to fit in side a one story building.

considering that in real world single wall is proxmently 12 feet out side 8 to 9 feet inside the in game scale world of building block make horse over 13 to 14 feet tall even the tallest horse in world is only 7 feet tall and war horses are provemntly 5 feet tall on average but very bulky so it make sense to rescale horse to match the picture on main page where girl is riding the horse the horse is closer to real life standards of 5 feet in that picture that you provided on main steam page so help you with scaling if going with that 5 feet the horse should be same size of average size human in connan meaning horse head height should equal that of someone making a player char having the height adjusted in middle should be same size as a horse someone smaller horse look bigger someone taller then average horse look smaller.

ether way what you have now is a major clipping issue due to improper scaling system.

i dont know how this even got buy any one testing or playing game or building stables - i mean this was frist thing that me and all my freinds notice was how out proportion the horses came off and how that cuases so many clipping issues in game with all things people build. horses hove fall thro blocks or heads get stuck out nothing every thing clips and looks just off in game world when horses are present compared to other things.

Not a bug. Should be in the suggestion forum, where you already have an active thread on…

And I think this makes what, 4 threads now between here and Steam? Getting a little excessive.

clipping issues are not consider bugs ? i mean you guys made stable sets and horses dont even fit in them lol.

also warhorses where usally 5 feet tall largest draft horses are 7 feet tall but where not around till the 1900s and draft horses are horrible at warfair.

war horses or destrier as they where called had low stamina but could pretty much turn on a dime and acceerlate extemrly quickly could not hold that speed long, and would allow knight to attack at sword length while standing still while horse kicked and bite at sametime lances wher not really used in combat till gun powder age more for show and jousting latter on to show off knights skill.

anways we saddled up that horse that was stuck in the clipping and it crashed the system to desktop when owner logged back in she got stuck in loading screen had to crash computer end task it then when she logged back in she found her self dead and all her stuff gone which was funny becuase no one and nothing was around stable at time.

It’s fantasy, these horses don’t need to be historically accurate because nothing in this game is.

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