Me Conan need new strategy

From what I understand, right now you use mid tier items and your main goal is to get named armorer and craft good armor for yourself and your combat thrall and farm some good healing items.
After that i suggest following @Ragnaguard steps. Some of the items in his build can be learned/found in dungeons and heavy npc infested areas (Executioner hood).

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keep in mind that buffs from rare fish , potions/elixirs and tattoos do not stack…

i find a total waste of time crafting a tattoo (other than the journey step ofc) when u can tp to mounds with asicle and gather more than 100 lotus flowers in under 2 mins… place flowers in grinder and u will get ur crimson lotus dust… just chew 10 at a time followed by a set potion and u got ur self the cheapest and fastest way to get +3 str and vit for ur next hour… also keep in mind that when u die both buffs from drunkness and tattoo fade away…

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Good news is that I’ve got myself a t4/named armour already, so I’ve been crafting flawless armour (at least until 2.3 drops and they do away with that on console).

But I tend to craft all my gear, I don’t go hunting for a specific piece usually. Sounds like I may need to revise this strategy.

t4 crafted epic flawless armor will be enough for almost every pve content on EL map tbh.
Some of that legendary items are just a nice little bonus for your build.
Just keep in mind that you need some good dmg weapons.
You can hunt for t4 blacksmith or kill world bosses for legendary weapons drops. It’s rng but maybe you will be lucky to get some good axe or hammer.
…Don’t fight rocknose boss.


I’ve spent time at Muriela’s Hope and learnt the emote from the priestess there, but I’ve not constructed any altars to anyone but Ymir.

and stay away from rottenbranches…



Well…tbh Ymir and Derketo are…the most useless religions in the game.
Set and Mitra is must have for set antidotes and feasts, Mitra for ambrosia heal.
Jhebbal Sag religion have a nice utlity but that’s it.

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“also keep in mind that when u die both buffs from drunkenness and tattoo fade away…”
I was assuming that the drunk effects would cease upon death, but the tattoo buffs as well? I assumed that the boost was permanent given that it’s a tattoo.

no tattoo is removed on death.
Just like any buff or debuff in game.


when 2.3 drops the falwless armour will be not repairable… so do not craft a lot… better focus on the harvester build to get some items that u will struggle a lot more to get after the patch…

for me if u wanna master the game u will need EVERY recipe available… so also invest on exploring… at lvl 55 u will learn star metal tools which unlocks all high end recipes in game… (not able to craft some till u hit 60) but u can have the feat ready… so take advantage of this… invest in learning and then in gathering the required stuff… a legendary thing that can replace executioners hood is also helm of the brute (drops from Unnamed City undead bosses) so seek alternatives… the goal to the attributes is to save through gear the most points u can from the highest attribute u spend… there is no absolute build in pve… its what makes u move better and u define it… so feel free to experiment… i would point u to focus on learning recipes (as they give u options) and will also point u to another thread… u may wanna read it so the new patch wont hit u in the guts…

link here VV

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i would prefer derketo over set solelly for the feast option… the food is god like as it tends to boost significantly ur stamina regen and upon new patch heals a lot 17hp per sec…

i find set usefull only for snake arrows (as a help from newbies) and the potions…

also do not underestimate yogs tenderizer in new patch (especially crafted by a confessor thrall) the mace packs a big punch and has great pen also making it really borderline OP in pve…

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I prefer Set because it’s easier to craft and every ingridient is crafted. So you don’t need to wait for traps.


Easier and faster crafting. But I play pvp so time is a factor in my playstyle.

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yes this is true … it is easier and will be a lot easier upon new patch… i ahd it for granded as i had crafted a ton of derketo feasts… i may need to re think my choices on that…
so ur right… for a player that has not stack the shellfish it s better to have set feast

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Also small tip.
There’s vanilla game merchants on the map.
You can buy some stuff from them for silver or gold coins.
So don’t throw them away.
One of the merchants sells Flask—> must have for healing recipes. It’s extremely cheap too, something like 1 coin for 10 flasks.

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So you down a yellow lotus potion, go harvesting and upon your return, you swap back to your standard array?
Do people often have multiple customised builds for various situations?
(Also the video was set to private. Couldn’t watch it)

Thanks. I watched a release video for it from wak but he didn’t mention that armour could not be repaired after the patch, just couldn’t be crafted.
Does this m that I should be prepared to remake all of my armour and hold off on creating new arno until the new quality tiers are deployed?

Is a confessor thrall a synonym for a tier 4/named priest thrall?

not a yellow lotus … i am in a state that i have ALL my features unlocked , thus no re allocation needed there. i use the bestial memory potion that resets only ur attributes…

pretty much yes. after the patch the only way to keep the armour in good shape is via armour repair kits that restore durability to armour pieces that have not lost all its hp

he is a t 4 yog priest with the dmg icon (the knife blade icon on the top left on his icon) … this thrall enables the max damge crafted weapons… due to the fact that the tenderiser has already a high penetration value , the mace becomes really a hard hitting one.

u can check at the proffessions what each proffession does