Me Endurance Once Is High Another Time Is low, Is it a Bug?

I play in Single PLayer Offline Mode
After about 10h with testlive 3.0 , main problem i have with vigor i put points in to vigor and somtimes i see me endurance once is high like 145 with first skill , another time is low 135 with the same invested points , todey i put another point and its go from 150 to 175 . it is bug , or some condition lower me stamina ?

Have you accounted for the effects of your hunger and thirst bars? As far as I know, you should have some bonus max health when your hunger bar is full, and some bonus max stamina when your thirst bar is full. That’s the way it is in live, right now, and I don’t see any patch notes for TestLive saying that they’re getting rid of that.

Yeah, you get a nice health boost from the ‘Sated’ buff.
I’ve never observed a buff related to thirst, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

I dont talk about max hp , i say about stamina , its mistake on me side because in me language stamina is endurence . i just log off and had the same situation again , when i was in game ma stamina was 153 and when i put another point in vigor its give me 24 stamina instead of 3 more .

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