Medium armor with Weight armor pieces such as hands or feet Can roll


In the Conan, we like matching our armor with different religion armor but i found that medium armor with even a bracer of weight armor i’m wearing, i cannot roll.why that happen? there is no total weight number limit. i set reduction kit to each pieces of my medium and weight armor i’m wearing but i still can’t roll. i hope we will have a exactly limit number to define roll and dodge.


Bas soon as you use any heavy armor you cannot roll. Medium piece will make you not roll as far as light armor. Only way around that is the perk system, then you can roll in heavy at the cost of other perks


I agree that it’d make sense if the limit was (armor) weight based rather than “class” of armor. Making it weight based would mean that wearing all Medium but with a Heavy chest will not roll (makes sense) but wearing all Light with a Heavy bracer would allow you to roll.

Not a big deal for me personally, though. There are many other changes to the Armor system I’d rather see (won’t go into them here, have done so at length in other places).


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